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Been a while

It just so happens I remembered we haven’t shared pictures
recently and now is as good a time as any. The bird above was in… 236 mots de plus


First ever card game I’m excited about.

First ever card game I’m excited about.

Daily Blog FortyOne/365

I have never enjoyed playing cards game.

Frankly, they require too much concentration and it gives me a headache.

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Daily Blog

Luck, Extra Days and Unnecessary Roadblocks

I haven’t been feeling too altruistic lately. Which isn’t a good thing. There is no substitute for giving. I suspect you know what I mean. 896 mots de plus

Lessons Learned

Somehow Nothing

Somehow, I have nothing to report in terms of storm related damage to our property. We survived relatively unscathed beyond the quick return of runoff rills in the paddock lime screenings. 362 mots de plus


A Sweet Life

Some call it circumstances
Some just call it luck
Some say all the stars aligned
Or your just one smart duck

Whatever situation
Whatever comes your way… 103 mots de plus


I didn't forget...

Some of you might remember this silly idea I had back at the end of May. If this doesn’t ring a bell, you can catch up  166 mots de plus


Living large

Just got back from the grocery store to find the house next to
us is getting a new roof. Nobody was around when we left to find… 288 mots de plus