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Great weather for ducks

Yesterday was a day we’ll remember as we are ready to build an
ark due to the heavy rainfall here. Rivers and cricks are out of… 201 mots de plus


What do you dream of? - Week 4

Hello Lovelies,

Fourth week already. And the game is still on.

In short, each week, I buy a lottery ticket for The Cove, and I promise to help make your dreams come true if we win the Jackpot! 72 mots de plus


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Money, money, money, pop on over to see what I am talking about


Did you find a four-leaf clove and keep it to get lucky? Did a ladybug landed on your finger and you made a wish? Or did a black cat crossed your way and you’ve been scared to have bad luck? 757 mots de plus


I Am Fire

Life is full of decisions and crossroads. The choices you make and the experiences you have determine who you may become as a person. My life up to now has seemingly been one battle after another, always something to overcome, always some hardship to get through. 215 mots de plus


Hey There, I'm Back

Hey, I’m Back

Setelah hampir 1 tahun ga posting apapun, akhirnya hati ini tegerak buat nulis lagi. Do you miss me like i do? hahaha… 552 mots de plus


Social Anxiety

I cracked a fortune cookie, pulled out the little strip of paper, popped a piece of cookie in my mouth, and while I munched on it, read my fortune. 454 mots de plus



« The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. »
– Edmund Burke

I’m torn – thinking of writing about issues. 716 mots de plus

Cheyenne Mueller