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Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail

Elaine Roberts has been thinking about what people do to motivate themselves and carry on when things get too much. She’s had a lot going on in her personal life so, consequently, has been feeling too tired and demotivated to do anything.  509 mots de plus

Starting out great

Hope the day continues like it started. While at the grocery
store the butcher gave us two free stuffed pork chops to try.
We’d never had caramel apple stuffed pork chops so went with… 236 mots de plus


The Devil is in the (Mental Health) detail, Mies

Don’t ask me why, but (I’m trying to use the word « but » less these days) I prefer to do things the HARD way. The very hard way! 920 mots de plus


Moon's Spying.

I feel the wind through the trees,

Passing up, beside & beneath,

As I sit in a field of unsaid dirt’s,

With hair flying free like the birds, 215 mots de plus


Florida Woman Walks In Casino With Pennies In Hand, Walks Out A Millionaire

If you’re lucky, then you’re lucky!!

At a local Florida casino, a woman walked in with just pennies in hand, and suddenly wins the $2.3 million jackpot!! 75 mots de plus


A short rant before pictures

Before we start this post we want to report that companies
have given a new meaning to ‘customer service’. We’ve been
having some issues with our local paper and thought that… 389 mots de plus


A win, is not always a win

EQUITY RUN UPDATE:  $15,375 //  + 53.75% since inception (Apr. 2017).

If you want sports at all, among the many cliches that coaches express on a daily basis are the following:  « it’s a win and we’ll take it, » « it wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win, » « it’s tough to get wins in this league.   363 mots de plus