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Feeling Lucky

I’m feeling lucky with St. Paddy’s Day around the corner! Let’s spread the luck and laughter with this collection of punnies! 88 mots de plus

St. Patrick's Day

Status Quota

My idea of happiness used to be to not be depressed and suicidal and all the things I was when luck wasn’t on my side. I got what I asked for and even more. 246 mots de plus


Sleeping and Convenient Help

Sleep is a wonderful thing but also simultaneously scary. The fact that for the time you spend asleep, you are at your most vulnerable is a scary thought. 707 mots de plus


We are our own warriors, our own heroes. ..

We are our own warriors, our own heroes. We must make our own luck. Through self-sacrifice, we strive to the bitter end for gratification. We accomplished so much solely through our own might and will. 8 mots de plus



I am only a small creature traveling in small circles radiating with the onset of the rains. My insignificance is something to behold. To think life could get so intricate as you and me. 21 mots de plus

Creative Writing

Luck and Time?

Everyday at some point or the other, we associate the factor of « luck » in our daily lives. We, as  human beings, or as an individual ‘apparently’ control many things in our life. 802 mots de plus


The Real Problem - Part 10 - Haven (NSFW)

  Want To Start From The Beginning?  .

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language
and consumption of alcohol it is rated R. 1 105 mots de plus