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‘Trayless’ initiative gets some backlash

Going “trayless” will be easy for senior Grace Amponsah-Avewa. For her entire college career, she has never used a tray in the Ludwig Main Dining Room. 771 mots de plus


You Asked: Why Am I Always Hungry?

(Source: time.com)


Too little sleep and too much stress can make you hungry. Watching TV can make you hungry. Your hormones… 697 mots de plus


Immortal Beloved

My thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved

I can live wholly with you or not at all –

Be calm my life, my all. 38 mots de plus


Schloss Hohenschwangau

The childhood home of King Ludwig. Looking out from Neuschwanstein you see this view.

Just imagine that the roads and parking lots aren’t carved into the forest. 149 mots de plus


The New Jerusalem...Rev. 21:2

Just like we find in the book of Revelation which brings the Bible to a conclusion, today’s blog ends with a New Jerusalem.

The story begins with Sophia Baunach being born in Germany on July 29, 1829.  318 mots de plus