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Tryon III, Jacob G.

Jacob G. Tryon III of Bristol passed away peacefully Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015, at Legacy Gardens of Bristol. He was 88.

He was born in Philadelphia, and was formerly a resident of Croydon for more than 80 years. 171 mots de plus

February 20, 2015: Swan King

How can you declare me insane?

He sits in the waters of Crater Lake, his head and shoulders sticking up over the waves.
A swan swims around him in lazy circles.

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Strange News

Glorious Weight of Communion

This year at the retreat, I had the honor of serving communion to our women on Sunday morning. In honesty, I will admit that too many times I simply grab a hold of the juice and cracker with a surface-felt gratitude for Christ’s death.   505 mots de plus


Alan Dawson: How Do You Sound? vs How Do You Look?

SKF NOTE: This exchange is from my interview with Alan Dawson for Modern Drummer’s January 1986 10th Anniversary Issue. The interview took place sometime in 1985 in Alan Dawson’s Massachusetts’ home living room… 281 mots de plus


Ringo Starr Plays the Song

SKF NOTE: No new news here, but always nice to hear from someone who understands the core of great drumming.

Ex-producer Mark Hudson still heaps praise on Ringo Starr: ‘He plays the song’ 145 mots de plus

Drum News

Portrait of Dr. Hans Koch , 1921 Ressam Otto Dix , Ludwig Müzesi, Cologne

Portrait of Dr. Hans Koch , 1921  Ressam Otto Dix


Resimde ameliyat ekipmanları arasında elinde şırınga, yüzünde büyük bir yara izi ile Düsseldorf’lu dermatolog ve ürolog Dr. 164 mots de plus