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Determining the species this one belonged to was kind of tricky (analysis paralysis? 😀). It could either have been the dark-headed gull or the slender-billed gull. 388 mots de plus


Talált hármas

Berhidi Mária Talált hármas című szobrára

nem hívtalak te sem kerestél
velem vagy minden éjjel mégis
amit mellette felfedeznél
nincs hogy ne lennék része én is… 50 mots de plus


Joe Morello Ludwig Ad 1962

SKF NOTE: I have seen three Ludwig ads with this same terrific look. I posted a Buddy Rich ad from, I think, this series, here… 117 mots de plus

Scott K Fish

German Journeys (A Guest Post by Allana D)

After several posts from yours truly, I can only imagine that regular readers of TRGTALP are growing tired of hearing my thoughts on travel by now.  785 mots de plus

Zaak Bolhaar: Best guess voor tijdstip van overlijden (deel 5)

Op 5 maart 1984 vond een buurman de lichamen van Corina, Sharon en Donna Bolhaar in Amsterdam. Baby Bryan leefde nog. Dinsdag 6 maart 1984 is sectie verricht op de drie lichamen van de familie. 1 482 mots de plus


Roy Haynes Drum Clinic: 'Nobody Teaches Like That'

SKF NOTE: This segment is from my interview with Roy Haynes at his home on November 15, 1978. According to my notes « It was raining, traffic was heavy, a chilly…evening, and I was nervous about meeting him. 673 mots de plus

Scott K Fish