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So this week my man Noah Glenn tracked drums until the wee hours of the morn! I thought it’d be fun to post an EXCLUSIVE video for y’all out there in TV Land. 163 mots de plus

Joe Morello: Technique is Expressing What's In Your Mind

SKF NOTE: This segment from my early 1980’s Modern Drummer interview with Joe Morello is explained here. In this part, my friend and fellow drummer, Chris Conrade and I, are asking Joe about the classic drum book, « … 670 mots de plus

Scott K Fish

Americana’s ‘The Three Musketeers’ is fast-paced fun

PLYMOUTH — It’s always good news when a new performance space comes on-line.
It’s very good news when that performance space features a strong theatrical production. 794 mots de plus


Prologue I

The clouds seemed to be fled. The moon is left no choice in this January night  but to send down his light to the stronghold of Mangoldstein at Donauwörth. 394 mots de plus


Neuschwanstein Castle

Agak keterlaluan sepertinya kalau udah stay di Munich 4 bulan tapi gak ke Neuschweinstein castle. Yes, I think Neuschweinstein is the most famous castle in all of Europe. 256 mots de plus


Prompt: Detention

Axis Power Hetalia
belongs to Hidekazu Himaruya. 241 mots de plus


John Bonham // Ludwig Drums


What a beautiful drum kit.