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Neuschwanstein, Where Dreams Come True...

Where dreams come true, huh? Well yes, something like that! Schloss Neuschwanstein was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s new company logo all those years ago. And in person, I can totally see how it’s beauty and charm and over-the-topness would inspire just about anyone! 1 109 mots de plus

Some Don Henley Magic

« Well, tell me this. What does Modern Drummer want with me anyway? I’m no drummer. »

Don Henley’s question to interviewer Robert Santelli.

When you think of rock drummers, … 678 mots de plus


#Group 5 - The Zakspeed Capri Turbo.

Group 5 or the wildest ever production category ? Well, that what it stands for in terms of history. Defined as a ruleset by the FIA for Special Touring Cars, it… 1 506 mots de plus

Car Culture.

Prologue I

The Moon had no choice, he had to be a witness. High above the Danube the January wind torned the scrap of cloth from the battlements of the fortress. 336 mots de plus