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1958 Ludwig Marching Snare

Ludwig is an old and storied company that has been owned and manufactured by a number of different entities over the years. Ludwig & Ludwig during World War I by the Ludwig Brothers, then sold to C.G. 163 mots de plus



I have an announcement.

There is an entire drum kit in my lounge room.

It is a Ludwig – a 1964 Beatles Limited Edition drum kit. 531 mots de plus

Jars Of Wonderful

Final show for the season: Fox on the Fairway!

Please join us for the final show of our 2015-2016 season:

Fox on the Fairway

by Ken Ludwig

April 22 to May 14, 2016

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2015-2016 Season

My top 5 favourite drum sets

  1. Rogers Holiday

2. Canopus RFM

3. Ludwig Classic Maple 

4. Slingerland Gene Krupa Delux

5. Pearl Masters Custom 6 mots de plus


Inflation, Deflation, Confusion

In 1947 Henry Hazlitt wrote an article the above title. Well back then being confused was relatively a far more understandable, but in today’s age of the internet we people are still confused, still not understanding the difference between inflation and deflation, it is tragic because if one does not understand it then one truly lives a confused life and a confused individual is an easily misled person. 261 mots de plus


No Grains, No Sugar

I’m on a two week endeavor to abstain from eating processed grain and refined sugar products.  As I shared in my previous post, I’m involved in a plan created by an endocrinologist/weight loss/nutrition researcher named Dr. 852 mots de plus

Body Matters