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Luz - Around The World - Scotland

I have made the trans-Atlantic flight to Scotland. I am nearly home again. I would have stopped over in Iceland, but for two reasons. I cannot think of anything tasty from Iceland other than fish. 263 mots de plus

Home of the week

This two level house in London is filled with light. White walls, light grey vinyl floors and touches of wood make it very warm and welcoming. 140 mots de plus


Luz - Around The World - Mexico

Tonight the location is Mexico and the dish is fajitas.

This meal is not recommended if eating alone. It requires far too many cooking pots and a lot of serving bowls. 375 mots de plus

Luz - Around The World - Quebec

Last night it was a skip from the USA to the French part of Canada – Québec. Montréal is one of my top cities because it mixes quaint old world charm with new vibrancy. 208 mots de plus

Luz - Around The World - USA

My meal last night was simple, but complicated by a thunderstorm. I had had enough of curries and Chinese meals so it was time to fly the Pacific. 156 mots de plus

Luz - an early Christmas?

We have reached the time of year when the weather does not do rain. It does thunder and lightning and deluge. For some reason that I have not worked out, these storms are typically after dark. 573 mots de plus

Ancestral Reverence

As time quickly goes by in our lives, we often forget the many blessings that are bestowed upon us. Too many times we drown in the trails and tribulations that come with existence in modern times. 608 mots de plus