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Mano de Liz sosteniendo una margarita



Tom en el parque Bicentenario recibiendo el atardecer.


So Close, I Can See The Lights

The AEE reports 99.57% of the homes and businesses throughout the island have power. Today is 264 days since Maria made landfall and 277 days since Irma made landfall on Puerto Rico. 6 mots de plus

Puerto Rico, Mi Alma

Anne Guedes - Luz Villa

Anne Guedes recently posted a link to a villa, and I mistakenly took the villa to be close to Faro airport, which it turns out it is not. 155 mots de plus

Luz y sombra

Tienes un poco de Blancanieves y un poco de Maléfica. Lo tienes todo. Somos todo. Eres perfecta.

You have a little Snow White and a little Maleficent. 11 mots de plus


Jacob's ladder

Jacob traveled from Beersheba toward Haran, and as evening approached one night, he settled in a clearing near the city of Luz. Using a stone as a pillow, he slept like a rock. 228 mots de plus