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'Welly Walk' 2015: Diggers and Pip accidentally 'christening' the new Heysham to M6 Link road!

We’ve been lucky with the weather again for another outdoor adventure! Along with over 2500 others, we walked the path of the Heysham-M6 link road, due for completion 2016. 266 mots de plus

Outdoor Kids

Don (丼)

Tainan, Taiwan 2015. Thought the restaurant selling Japanese foods, actually for traditional Taiwanese seasoned millet mush (麵茶). Also added with newly invented icy taste. Unfortunately I was already behind other team members, didn’t have time to try it myself. 8 mots de plus

Black And White

Go on Noodles your mom's calling

Tainan, Taiwan 2015.

Leica M6, Jupiter-3 1.5/50. D76 + bulk Tri-X Pan 400 (expired 2004)

Black And White


Haven’t seen these for a while, but they look distinctly like Walsh PB tread marks.  An opportunity to climb Clougha Pike came my way a few weeks ago.   218 mots de plus


Beaming BMW M6 Gran Coupe

The unique character of the BMW M6 Gran Coupé is visible from every angle. Even at first sight, the air inlets at the front instantly underscore the car’s sporty aspirations.  269 mots de plus