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Grading Rubric for Blog Posts

Hey guys,

The rubric for the blog posts is here.  You will be graded as a group, and that grade will be added to your total score for the year.   19 mots de plus

Blog Exploration

You decided last week that you wanted to make your blog about travel in Thailand.  This week, I want you to find a style of blog that you like.   101 mots de plus

From the car, fog

Commuting 2.5 hours a day isn’t fun, but it can be a kind of beautiful.


MS804; did the crew report smoke to Egyptian ATC?

French television news channel M6 reports that Egyptian air traffic control sources have told them the crew of Egyptair flight MS804 radioed to Cairo control that there was smoke in the aircraft and that the crew intended to make a rapid descent. 506 mots de plus

Bonus Points: M6

  1. Game
  2. Poom
  3. Oil
  4. Boom — 1
  5. A
  6. Few — 1
  7. Jew
  8. Aom — 1
  9. Oat
  10. Peaw
  11. Spy
  12. Prae
  13. Frame
  14. Chef
  15. Tangmo
  16. Praew (1)
  17. Namthip — 1…
  18. 9 mots de plus