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A Short Word: Military Might's Shadow

While visiting President Jean-Michel Macron of France, Donald Trump said he was so impressed by the Bastille Day parade that he is considering a similar parade to showcase America’s military might on July 4th, right down Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House is located. 534 mots de plus


Brazil needs a Macron

The 2018 Brazilian presidential election is approaching and there is no sign of a candidate who can express the will to change Brazilian society.

When major popular demonstrations blocked the country in June 2013 and invoked a loud change in Brazilian politics, it was expected that this movement could produce a new political leadership, the emergence of figures out from the outdated patterns of parties. 1 353 mots de plus


Emmanuel Macron ne cesse pas de critiquer les régimes hongrois et polonais depuis son investiture en tant que président de la République Française. Certes, ces régimes sont populistes, limite autoritaires, mais y a-t-il une stratégie derrière ces critiques? 636 mots de plus

The Tragedy Of A Former Media Darling

Ah Emmanuel Macron. Mainstream media’s favoured son during this year’s French Presidential elections. With France’s tolerance of its previous socialist government having worn thin, Macron quickly surged ahead of them. 993 mots de plus


'Emmanuel Macron als hervormer die veel aan toeval dankt', als toeval bestaat tenminste @nrc #intellectueelrevolutionair

Hervormer die veel aan toeval dankt (Peter Vermaas, Boeken, Katern Cultuur/nrc, 15 september 2017)

Emmanuel Macron | Een essayist en een romancier buigen zich over de… 1 135 mots de plus