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I fell in love with Madagascar!

Last week I was in Madagascar, or more exactly in Nosy Be– a small and wonderful paradise 384 miles from the actual main one. 1 158 mots de plus




Honor your soul above all else,

Speak your truth,

Live your passion.


For years now I travel and live in places with almost non-existent wifi connection… … 1 046 mots de plus


Bubonic Plague Ravages Madagascar

Since August 1, 171 people have died in Madagascar after becoming infected with a virulent strain of bubonic plague. As of November 10, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 2,119 confirmed cases of people infected in Madagascar. 879 mots de plus


Plague patients are fleeing Madagascar hospitals with a fear of needles

People with the plague are fleeing hospitals in Madagascar because they fear needles, leading to fears the disease will spread.

Other patients are escaping because they are not used to hospitals, according to doctors in the country. 452 mots de plus


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The majority of visitors to Madagascar seem to be interested mainly in the mammals, in particular the lemurs of which there are many more different species than you would think. 2 522 mots de plus


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Sitting in my study, with the window open beside me, the air is cool and the sky is overcast – grey, with a very slight hint of blue in it. 4 006 mots de plus