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It is with a heavy heart that I announce our indefinite hiatus. This journal has been a blast to create, but a lack of funding, along with other constraints, render it impossible to continue. 53 mots de plus

kyulkyung X  Chengxiao X Hee Jin in front of the camera of Kim Jaejoong who is a photographer in » Photo People season 2 « … 24 mots de plus


NcStar AR-15 Type Chest Rig Review

Hello everyone! This week I will be reviewing the NcStar Ar-15 type chest rig.

I got this rig about a week ago from and spent about $32 on it. 254 mots de plus


My pieces are going to be in a magazine!

Back on March 10, I decided to submit three pieces I had written on a whim to a local Canadian magazine called Egress Mag. Their next volume would be about anxiety, and I thought it might be a good idea to send them some of my pieces about anxiety since I feel strongly about it, since I was diagnosed when I was 14. 237 mots de plus


Inside the June 2018 issue

Here’s what you’ll find inside the June 2018 issue of Boys’ Life magazine. Remember, many articles are only available to subscribers and are not available online. 266 mots de plus


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Pics Cr: Kamo_126 & 525hata_aya &  skyFt8


The Pentecost 2018 Issue of the Lion's Tale

This issue features Fr. Adam’s reflection on Apostleship in the new missional age, Rev. Stacey’s reflection on parenting and faith, as well as an article by Barbara Barrett and Pam Allen, all capped off by part two of music’s role in our spiritual lives by music director David Tubbs. 12 mots de plus