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RIFT News Tidbits 3rd July 2015

RIFT news tidbits for 3rd July 2015.


  • About Mage Chloro Changes. The fixes to Mage Chloros won’t happen « in a vacuum ». Red Hawk has reassured Mages that if the fixes make chloro too weak, he will buff them appropriately.
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[Story] Fairsong Academy - Vynlorin's Journal

Remember that new student we got a little while ago? Well, Keyalenn is spending all his time with her now instead of with me and Salastion. 750 mots de plus


Hermes Wealth Attraction

Mage, Merchant, Master of Death

Your Winged Feet carry us after our last Breath

In this world where Money has been made King

It is often difficult to know where to Begin… 95 mots de plus


Wind Mage

Did another illustration!

You know what they say, « Practice makes perfect! »

I like drawing. So let’s keep going! Hahahaha

Do what you love. Don’t give up!

Elijah the Bloody - Chapter Seven

Read Chapter Six here

The weeks passed quickly, a blur in Elijah’s mind. His days were spent training with Tamhas to control his magic and his evenings spent sparring with Caymus and Jestin. 511 mots de plus


On Ice

His heart rate had slowed and his mind entered into a sort of twilight state where he no longer felt the cold and the wind.  Indeed he had entered another plane as the land that was under his feet was transported and whisked away by magics powerful and dark. 649 mots de plus