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Introducing Mirryam

Finally got around to making a mage in WoW! That’s what content droughts are for, right??

Why a Worgen?! For 2 reasons! Firstly, I do not have a Worgen character on my account (until I made her). 244 mots de plus


Blending in with my Corrupted Fire Hawk

I’ve been a little bored lately, I have most of the transmog sets I want for my mage and she’s geared for PVP at least until the end of the season. 55 mots de plus


Diversity Watch Review: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Carry On: The Rise and Fall of Simon Snow by Rainbow Rowell, 2015

As the chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Forum of the Virginia Library Association, I try to read materials that feature diverse characters or subject matter. 438 mots de plus

Carry On

[NetGallery] The Shadow and The Sun

The Shadow & The Sun (Militess & Mage Series) by Monica Enderle Pierce. Published by Stalking Fiction on April 22, 2016. Buy on Amazon (e-book) 856 mots de plus



I’m sick of poetry but I need you to know
I spit prophecies and exhale spells
my teeth are bared behind my smile
and if I open my mouth who knows what I’ll conjure… 36 mots de plus


Frost Mage Weak Auras v1 (Current as of 4/20/2016)

In my conquest of doing all the Ranged specs for Legion I’ve added another yet and will be adding the other Mage specs in the coming week or so depending on how busy I get. 298 mots de plus


[Story] Fairsong Academy - Irael's Letter

Dear Mother,

I told you to stop worrying about the school! They aren’t going to sell us or anything. If they were they wouldn’t have bothered to hire all those people to act like teachers and students. 672 mots de plus