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[Story] Fairsong Academy - Maerista's Journal

The weather’s starting to get cold, and I thought I should get Gael a new sweater. Not that there’s really anything wrong with any of the other ones he has, but they’re maybe not as soft as they once were, and some of them have got a little mud on them from patrol. 762 mots de plus


Mage III: The Hero Denied (and an apology deserved)

Just over three years ago, and as part of the series on Uncompleted Stories, comic book series that have never seen their full intentions come to fruition, I commented on Matt Wagner and what we had all, in the beginning, was going to be his most significant work, … 509 mots de plus

Comics And Graphic Novels

A magical catastrophe​ at the pub

« Did you not read the sign? » The burly man at the bar asked, his hairy fist coming to punch at the worn wood. She shivered, jumping back from his anger. 298 mots de plus

Short Stories

So I spent the day picking herbs and boiling down this disgusting troll fat so I could have a candle to finish my story aboutmy first few days in Skyrim. 1 362 mots de plus

Esmes Indie Highlights/SPFBO: The Grey Mage by Aidan Hennessey

I liked this one, it’s a nice short story that was a welcome change from a few doorstoppers I’ve just finished. It was part of Pornokitsch’s grouping and has been eliminated already. 540 mots de plus

Fantasy - Independently Published


Her family exiled her.
Her friends betrayed her.
The ocean embraced her.

She glides through the frigid water with ease, all shark-smile mouth and long, pale limbs that seem to shift as they sway, maybe arms and legs one moment, maybe tentacles the next, maybe both. 166 mots de plus


[Story] Fairsong Academy - Lora's Letter

Dear Haani,

I have some wonderful news! I spoke to the Headmaster here and he said it’s fine for you to come and study for a while. 627 mots de plus