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[Review] Carry on.

Carry on
Tác giả: Rainbow Rowell
(New York Times Bestselling Author)

I LOVE THIS BOOK. I really love it so much. 😘😘😘

Nếu có cuốn sách nào khiến t phải đọc đi đọc lại, đọc đi đọc lại và cuối cùng vẫn muốn đọc nó thì đấy là cuốn sách này. 1 388 mots de plus


My alt and profession priorities for Legion

For the first time ever, I got into the beta for an expansion.

I spent virtually no time in it. Frankly, work pushed me about as close to my limit in June as it possibly could, and I could never justify jumping into beta during very limited play-time/energy when there were things to do in Live. 990 mots de plus


I used to have one specific type of game that I’d play as a gamer. They were the ones where no-one ever died, where the levels were logically set and where there was always a clear reward for finishing (I am motivated by reward systems. 1 712 mots de plus

Dragon Age

Oathsworn Mage WIP 7

I took a page from James Wappel’s basing techniques and used some paste along with a little army painter rubble to make the floor a bit more dungeony. 21 mots de plus


I did transfer to this realm intending to only play my mage, shaman and warlock here…