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Oh, oh, it's mage-ic.

Mage: The Hero Denied # 1 (of 15), Image Comics – $3.99

Full disclosure: I am predisposed to love this book. When I first discovered Mage: The Hero Defined, the second « arc » in Wagner’s opus, I was at a formative position in my life. 724 mots de plus

My Experience : Illium


Recently a new mage class called Illium was released in KMS that introduced a new race called Lef. During this time, I trained my Illium to level 108 and tried out a bit of 4th job. 1 497 mots de plus


When The Kingdom Falls

“What happens when the kingdom falls under the ruler ship of the lazy prince? What happens when the prince decides to forsake him kingdom and go on exile?” Lately this are the questions that I have been asking myself. 1 002 mots de plus


Grigor's not-so Mirror Images

Far to the north, near the Spine of the World, a party of adventurers trudged through the frozen landscape in search of giants who attacked one of the Ten Towns. 1 331 mots de plus

Short Stories

Hunters don't fit in Blizzard's mindset

Blizz announced a couple of days ago that Patch 7.3 will bring some fancy new caster visuals for some caster classes/specs. Um, sure, whatever. I suppose it is nice that they are continuing to improve the game’s visual experience. 902 mots de plus


Mage: The Hero Denied #1 - Review

After the brief, but still very sweet, « Interlude » last month Mage finally starts up proper, and it opens up a host of different thoughts from within me. 748 mots de plus


Comic Reviews: Dark Nights Metal and Mage: The Hero Denied!


Dark Nights: Metal #1 (DC Comics)

More so than many big comic book events, there’s a lot of hype surrounding Dark Nights: … 991 mots de plus

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