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The Fire Mage is on Fire

My son created this macho beer drinking dragonknight in ESO long time ago (he played a nightblade in Beta) and I have more or less used his last setup as I started playing it at lvl 36. 203 mots de plus

Elderscrolls Online

Impulse & Gravity(Mageri Series Book 3 & 4)

Sorry this has taken a while longer than I said it would but real life usually has a way of derailing our plans. I won’t do this often but this time I am gonna do this review for the next 2 books, i have read ahead an it is hard to separate the two. 412 mots de plus

Shine Cycle Précis: Revelation

Revelation is the tentative working title of the final planned novel in a brief sub-series of the Shine Cycle set near the end of our world’s future. 746 mots de plus

Shine Cycle


Though united by the Manila Pact, the mages of the Pearl remain a loose alliance of divergent philosophies, mystery cults, and esoteric traditions. If and whenever the local consilium gathers enough political will, it launches itself to dramatic action only to falter later on due to infighting. 600 mots de plus


Twist(Mageri Series Book 2)

Sorry it took so long but since I was posting reviews on this story I wanted to make sure I got everything straight concerning what happened in each book I started reading this series once again. 760 mots de plus

Mage Weak Auras

Since I haven’t posted any of my own I’ve gone ahead and looked around for a few options for people that fit the same style as my own Weak Auras setup. 103 mots de plus

World Of Warcraft


they cast me into the sea
left me for dead and rotting
but the sea wrapped me in her embrace
rebirthed me as her daughter own… 12 mots de plus