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First Impressions: Flamewaker

Tuesday I took a look at the new cards coming out of the Blackwing Lair wing and most immediately intriguing to me from a deckbuilding perspective was Flamewaker.   641 mots de plus


Ephraim: A Test of Aptitude ®

The air is cold and wet in a pitch black cave where the lack of sight heightens the sense of hearing. The cave is all but silent, save an intermittent splash from drops of water falling from the ceiling into pools of water on the floor. 3 613 mots de plus


The Summons

I was sitting across from Aiden in my chambers. His hand carefully hovered over his bishop as he eyed the chess board. I watched carefully as his brow arched and then lowered into a sharp slant. 2 137 mots de plus

Editor Approved

Weekly Writing Prompt: April 23rd 2015

Prompt: Write a scene that starts with the line, « Darling, stop. »

« Darling, stop. »  Beck says to me as I start to pick up a toy a child dropped. 774 mots de plus

Writing Prompt

Grimoire: Manastorm, The Multiplayer Mage Class-Based Shooter Will Be Free For A Limited Time

Do you consider yourself to be a fan of the multiplayer shooter genre, but you’ve grown tired of the same old shooters? Have you ever wanted to seamlessly blend the realm of fantasy & magic with that of the multiplayer shooter genre? 480 mots de plus



This is my first post from The Fantasy Faire 2015.  Firstly, I want to thank everyone involved with the Faire for putting on such a wonderful event, one which has a great deal of relevance to me due to the Relay For Life aspect (something I will blog about).  238 mots de plus

Mage: The Awakening Commissions

I take part in an online Mage: The Awakening game, and a few of my friends commissioned a few portraits of their characters being badass. Seemed fitting to group them together to show off! 25 mots de plus