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A new mage character enter the fray in Darkness Reborn!!

SINGAPORE – MARCH 25, 2015 – GAMEVIL’s Darkness Reborn has just released a new character called the Mage in the most recent Ver 1.1.4 update. A mystical hero as well as a long-range fighter, with her divine powers, the Mage utilize an ancient pair of chakrams to attack her enemies. 330 mots de plus


In-Game Adventures (Outside too)

There is something about starting a new adventure, a new thing in life that makes you feel out of you comfort zone. Nervous, thinking about all the things that it can fail before you even step in that direction, and sometimes those feelings keep us away from trying something new. 339 mots de plus



in one ear the darkelvenmage whispers to me
of frigid oceans and frozen shores
glossy raven wings and the howling of wolves
the silver sickle moon rising above jagged mountains… 45 mots de plus


True Story of an Actual Wizard (in five minutes or less)

Welcome, visitor.

Today, I want to tell you about something both really awesome and completely true. I want to tell you about a wizard. So here is a true story about a proper wizard with actual magical powers. 1 246 mots de plus


Khariss Jynah

Race: Nord
Skills: Thief (Pickpocket, Lockpicking), Magic (Illusion, Alteration
Armor: Light, leather; Hunts for Hide to sell (is not a smith)
Weapons: Yield one-handed weapons (prefer axes), uses bow for long range hunting… 240 mots de plus


Bringing The Light Back! In Quest Of Dungeons

I did it!! Beaten the game with my little Mage – and – failed to screenshot the final boss…

Yep me sux ;P

Anyway there are still hard difficulties and 3 other classes, so… as long there are any achievements left, the game is not really beaten anyway. 148 mots de plus