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Writing Wednesday: The One Mage

How long must we put up with this tyranny?” one villager shouted amongst the throng. “He has cost me my livelihood. My cattle are too scrawny to pull the plough, and there is not enough meat on ’em to make a meal.” His foot went splat into the mud of the village square, which was no more than a central space yet to be built upon. 3 234 mots de plus


Mythology of Remnas #6- The Magefolk

The Magefolk are unique among the descendants of the Seed Tribe in that their physical appearance remained unaltered. They lack raw strength, fangs or claws, and while they live longer on the whole than Seedmen, their lives are shorter than the rest of the races of Remnas. 875 mots de plus


[Story] Fairsong Academy - Menissa's Journal

It’s so quiet here I think I’m going to go crazy. I guess that was the idea, so I’d bo bored and be forced to stay home every evening and study instead of doing fun things. 591 mots de plus


Best iPad App Today: Mage Gauntlet

#iOS #App #Apple Best iPad App Today: Mage Gauntlet Download Mage Gauntlet. The time you spent reading this review could ve been much better spent playing this incredible game. 42 mots de plus

The Basis for a Magic System

2 cups of coffee in one day = focus.

I used to be afraid that I could only truly come up with good ideas when my brain was riddled with caffeine. 1 223 mots de plus


Means Streets of Hearthstone - The Undefined Meta.

Means Streets of Hearthstone – The undefined meta.

On Thursday, we all witnessed the release of Hearthstones newest expansion ‘Means Streets of Gadgetzan!’. Although, we the sheer about of cards that have been dumped into our favourite card game, the meta has been shifted from Midrange Shaman and Control Warriors to Jade Druid and Aggro Paladin, So today we are going to see some potential archetype’s that could come out of the new expansion. 392 mots de plus


Mage Slave #1


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Hey Awesome Peeps!

I chose this book for my first review since I just finished it a few nights ago. Please note that there might be spoilers in my review without me even noticing, but I will do my best to hide the obvious spoilers. 436 mots de plus