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A battle between two mages (a mage in training, part 7)

The air crackled with power, Theo stepped back in fear. His skin stung as if he was being pricked by thousands of needles, his hair stood on end as if we were taming a wild beast. 201 mots de plus


Epic Cards Pt.52: Image Characters

Happy international Superhero Day!

This week we go back to black and take a look at some too often overlooked Image characters. In this series of cards and the previous two I’ve been producing Image Characters at a 1:6 ration to Marvel (the biggest publisher). 899 mots de plus


Wild Legend Mage Deck Updated

The first wild legend deck has been revealed.

you can check it here – Wild Legend Mage Deck

More decks for each class are coming soon…

Hearthstone:Heroes Of Warcraft

Legend Mage Deck "Secret Mage"

Deck Author:Kingsdefender’s

 Description of strategy and possible card replacements Here

Mage Class Cards:

X1 – Kabal Lackey,Mana Wyrm,Primordial Glyph,Duplicate,Firelands Portal.

X2 – Arcanalogist,Forstbolt,Medivh’s Valet,Counterspell,Effigy,Iceblock,Kirin Tor Mage.Mirror Entity,Ethereal Arcanist,Fireball,Kabal Crystal Runner. 6 mots de plus



The mage is the archetypal ranged DPS spell-caster. Mages arguably cause the most straightforward damage in the game, and have the biggest arsenal of instant cast offensive spells of all the ranged classes, allowing them to inflict great burst damage when combined with long-casting spells. 454 mots de plus


[Story] Fairsong Academy - Menissa's Journal

For our first time, I think we did a pretty good job of making party food. Of course Tik was a lot of help, he gave us an idea of how much of everything to make, and how to make the recipes bigger, also how to put them on the tray so people can pick them up and eat them easily. 577 mots de plus



playing some games with sulfuras. Getting buttraped