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« Do you have it? » I asked gingerly.

« Yes. » The reply came. I smiled. I had waited a long time for this moment. 1 594 mots de plus


The Sorceress who Became a Chef

The sorceress I started leveling in may or june this year, in Aldmeri Dominion, stopped leveling at lvl 45 some months ago. I feel a bit sorry about it cos i loved to play her but I had to move to Daggerfall Covenant to be with my guildies, Swedish Legion, and another friend of mine who had chars in DC. 55 mots de plus

Elderscrolls Online

[Story] Fairsong Academy - Irael's Journal

I finally convinced my parents to let me visit the school in the Ghostlands. Ever since Lora transferred there, she’s been trying to get me to move too. 842 mots de plus


Once Upon A Dream: Chapter 2

Dungeons and Redheads

As her mind slowly started to regain consciousness, goosebumps formed on her body from the cold that surrounded her. Half-asleep her fingers wandered along the rough fabric of her blankets looking for the comforter that must have been pushed to the side.   1 565 mots de plus

Dragon Age Inquisition

Once Upon A Dream: Chapter 1

Curiosity Got the Cat

She bent forward, flipping over her long auburn hair so she could better gather the unruly curls into a high ponytail.  That done she put on her headphones.   1 071 mots de plus

Dragon Age Inquisition

Fifty Shades of Yellow

Waitsen is the guilds high elf templar, healer and womanizer. So he doesn´t even hesitate when he run into the opposite alliance ladies.

Especially the long eared high elfs from the dominion seem to be his favourites. 131 mots de plus

Elderscrolls Online

Slowly, quietly, in the black bottom of a crevasse, a clear and buoyant crystal egg has manifested from another side.

It floats upward gently, like a falling star searching for a beach, curling and dancing excitedly in the bubbles that carry it ever higher. 104 mots de plus