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Making Garrisons Alt Friendly

I was pondering what Blizzard might need to do to make garrisons more alt friendly. The biggest issue they really should fix are the blueprints. If you’ve learned it on one character, you’ve learned it on all of them. 1 355 mots de plus

World Of Warcraft

The 5 Disciplines of Gnosis

In the world of Albion there exists a form of energy that is the foundation for all of creation. It is called Aether. Among the people of this world there are those who can tap into this energy and manipulate it to their own ends. 763 mots de plus



She doesn’t knock. She doesn’t have to. Daren senses her presence somehow, not so much a tingling on the back of his neck as a disturbance in the air of laughter unheard. 558 mots de plus


The Choice

Clink, clink, clink. The sound of metal on metal could be heard over the normal mash of voices in the tavern. Simon had become used to it, like the wind through the trees, it is only noticeable when it doesn’t exist. 1 078 mots de plus

Clan Thundermantle

Can you make a good deck from all the best drops?

A « drop » is a card you play in Hearthstone. It’s usually referenced with a number from 0-10 to indicate how much mana it costs to play it. 1 025 mots de plus


Going Mage? Try this build!

First off, when deciding on a powerful mage concept it is important to keep in mind that the amount of magicka available for use will be limited by your Intelligence statistic, your birthsign, and the race you choose. 136 mots de plus

Class Guides And Tips

The Search for the Tower's Guardian

The last few days had been such a blur to me. When we returned to the castle there was a peaceful mood in the group. It was a bit unnerving considering what had just happened. 1 479 mots de plus

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