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[Story] Fairsong Academy - Loralinde's Journal

I can’t believe the day is finally here! Keyalenn and I moved into the little house. Oh, it’s so perfect! The builders did such a good job. 645 mots de plus



[ Prompt from my nemesis: Mage tries to break the new lighthouse bulb but it won’t fucking break no matter what she tries and it’s either horrifying or hilarious. 809 mots de plus


Heal Maniac Xin Zhao

This is a build with lots of AP , some Tanky items and MAYBE some AD(that means you decide if you build AD or not ;) ) … and by that i mean you don’t really need AD , cuz you can deal magic damage on-hit too … it’s your choice ! 233 mots de plus

And in the middle of the night, something still blew up

The day the party reached the horizon, they had collectively determined they had no idea what to do about it.

“Well, we’re here,” the monk leader said. 283 mots de plus


Female Dwarf Fire Mage

It’s oficially Mage Day, here at Transmog Queue!

Fellow Queue poster @Chrth asked for a female Dwarf Mage, mostly Fire themed, with the new Artifact weapon from Legion. 92 mots de plus


Male Troll Frost Mage

Hello again, everybody, welcome back to the Transmog Queue!

Today we got a request from @Mistah Jay who asked for a male Troll mage, with mostly frost looks (maybe some arcane too), and all I can tell you is that  58 mots de plus


A More Formal Disband Announcement

So, I have already mentioned this here, but for those of you who don’t trust links, or are just too lazy, I’ve decided to type it here too. 470 mots de plus