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[Story] Fairsong Academy - Braedra's Journal

Dear Elthanni and Telaena,

The domes are even more amazing than I imagined! They’re far bigger, for one thing — you can see them from very far away as we rode over on dragonhawks. 761 mots de plus



Today is one of those days when my brain refuses to focus. Thus, here a couple of thought crumbs that probably need to swept away to tidy things up. 917 mots de plus


Star Weaver's Staff Devastates Gang

The new and very controversial hero and ULH (universal League of Heroes) member, Srar Weaver has made a very explosive appearance into the world of hero work. 303 mots de plus


New ULH Hero Is A Newb No-One Has Heard Of Before

The Universal League of Heroes (ULH) has accepted a new Hero into their ranks, the Star Weaver. There are many issues with her appointment.

  1. Numerous well known heroes have been rejected by the ULH.
  2. 283 mots de plus


It was probably fair to say that Earl Hawksmoor knew what she was doing, the wizard mused. Gwen had initially been annoyed to the point of grave offence when she had recieved the request, but things were starting to fit together into a tapestry far more elaborate than could ever have been anticipated. 725 mots de plus


(5) A Sentient or Empathic Weapon

Not very empathetic are we?

This prompt gives me flashbacks to #AdventureApril with the whole fantasy setting. Though the main difference here I had to find a way to show that the weapon can communicate, and what better way than speech bubbles. 150 mots de plus