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Bangkok: Our First Days In Thailand

Arriving in Bangkok after two flights that expanded 14 hours was very much a culture shock for Steve and I. It didn’t get off to the best start on our arrival thanks to the overwhelming heat, lack of sleep, lack of food and a taxi ride to our hostel that lasted an hour and a half. 633 mots de plus

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I Had Depression.

First and foremost I would like to thank the Lord our God who allowed me to love myself even when I was at my lowest point. 565 mots de plus


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Where have I been?

I have not been feeling very well.  Thursday I was so excited about getting my groceries delivered starting next week by Meijer’s, I think all the excitement wore me out.  273 mots de plus


#2: Why I blog?

Blogging came as a normal thing for any writer as I’m trying to build my own platform and get people to know me.

But no one ever blogs just for blogging because it can get really boring as you can imagine, that’s why anyone who ever starts a blog must first find something interesting to talk about, so my « thing » is to talk about writing itself and how it influences my daily life. 191 mots de plus



​Aakhir tu chala gaya mujhe apne saath lekar.

-Ilyas Khatri

The Roman Ruins of Jerash

The promise of rain seemed ridiculous as I arrived at the Jerash ruins to glorious sunshine and 20° temperatures. These are widely believed to be the best-preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy; it’s possible that much of it even better preserved than I have seen in Italy, perhaps due to the difference in weather. 530 mots de plus