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Quinoa Black Bean Salad with Chipotle-Tahini Dressing

Wow! Has it really been three months since we’ve posted on here? As everyone else jaunts off on world travels and family trips, we are here, waiting for our little boy to arrive. 569 mots de plus


Slow Cooked Pork and Tomato Casserole With Chorizo

This is, as the name says, a slow cooked dish. And when I mean slow, I mean either do this the evening before and get yourself something to do whilst letting it bubble away for at least 3 hours, or reserve it for a rainy weekend when leaving the house doesn’t seem like such a good idea anyway. 577 mots de plus


Easy Creamy Chicken and Onion Bake with Mushrooms

This is a recipe that I remember my mum making when I was younger, and still living in Germany. My aunt also made it sometimes, but for some reason, it was ever quite the same. 606 mots de plus


Red Pesto Salmon with Oven fried Aspargus and Green Beans on Orzo Pasta

This dish was, quite frankly, a hit at the dinner table. It is neither complicated nor particularly refined, but it brings together an abundance of tastes that just work. 1 014 mots de plus


Open-Faced Veggie Sandwich with Dill Spread

I was an editor at for seven years and we were very spoiled to have a huge, beautiful kitchen that you’d walk into, right off the elevators. 415 mots de plus

Cooking For One Recipes

Recipe: Grilled Beef Heart Peruvian-Style (Antichuchos)

This is the classic Peruvian street food, made with a taste-alike marinade created from ketchup and chili powder to replace the native Aji Panca. The sauce has a nice balance of sweet/tangy/spicy and would be good with other beef cuts or chicken as well. 295 mots de plus


Sicilian Eggplant Caponata

Total Protein Count: 1-2 g Protein
6-8 Serves = 0 g Protein per serve

Adapted from: Not Quite Nigella

Ever since I found this vegetable-heavy recipe, we make it every month for Charlotte’s lunches. 344 mots de plus

Vegetarian Or Vegan Friendly