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Green Spiced Salad with Corriander & Cashews

Blimey, this meal is a winner. It’s a whole sensual pleaser; a feast for the eyes, nose, tastebuds and every cell in your body! It’s a fresh, colourful mix of healthy carbs, fats and protein which should satisfy any craving. 258 mots de plus



Τα ζυμαρικά δεν λείπουν από κανένα διαιτολόγιο. Διαλέξτε ζυμαρικά ολικής άλεσης, είναι πλούσια σε φυτικές ίνες και γεύση. Υπολογίζουμ 100 γρ. ζυμαρικών ανά μερίδα. Τα βράζουμε πάντα σε άφθονο αλατισμένο νερό και τα σερβίρουμε με ένα σωρό τρόπους.


Broccoli Stir-Fry

If I have had a really busy day, the last thing I want is to be slaving in the kitchen for hours, all in the name of a decent healthy meal. 161 mots de plus

Nutty Cauliflower Cheese

Regular readers of this site may have noticed I am a big fan of cauliflower. This is a slight twist on a classic, adding leeks and walnuts to add texture, flavour and a little bit of healthiness. 323 mots de plus


What do you understand by legislative privileges? Discuss the problem of legislative privileges as seen in India time to time.

Legislative privileges are rights, immunities and exemptions enjoyed by the houses of the legislatures, their committees and their members. They are necessary in order to secure the independence and effectiveness of their actions.. 366 mots de plus


Grilled Cheese Sandwiches aren't just for kids anymore

Let’s face it; on the comfort food scale, grilled cheese sandwiches rank pretty high. They’re great regardless of the season; they can be eaten alone or with a bowl of soup; they have endless possibilities. 403 mots de plus


Knockout Karnataka-Style Akki Roti

Apologies for being away for a while, since my last post, I’ve now relocated to the US and the past few weeks have been manic as you will imagine. 602 mots de plus

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