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Soy-fried prawn and steak noodle soup bowl

I love bowls of noodles, filled with comforting soup and various toppings. It feels like a cure for sickness. There’s something so lovely about warm noodle soup, whether it’s summer or winter. 525 mots de plus


Another quiche but not as you know it

This is a tried and tested recipe and one which I come back to time and time again – I originally found the recipe for this gluten free base in a diet cookery book soon after being diagnosed with coeliac disease and of course tried it out and have been using it for years now with all sorts of different fillings and it has never failed. 98 mots de plus


Pinwheel Pizza Rolls

As with so many things in my life I blame Pinterest for these little morsels of joy!  These Pinwheel Pizza Rolls are so simple to whip up and make a fabulous grab and go lunch.   431 mots de plus


Kimchi bokkeumbap

If this was made in India, it’d be called ‘kemcho kimchi’!

We started watching a new TV series called ‘Fresh off the boat’…so far pretty funny and without any spoilers, one of the episodes got me craving something easternish for breakfast.

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Shepherd’s Pie

Total Protein Count: 13-18 g Protein
9 Serves = 1.6-2 g Protein per serve

Tell someone you are making Shepherd’s Pie and inevitably they will respond with, « I make a wicked Shepherd’s Pie. 591 mots de plus

Vegetarian Or Vegan Friendly

Delicious Lentil Tomato Sauce

I made this lentil tomato sauce in a hurry one night when I didn’t have much time to prepare dinner and was graving for some pasta. 249 mots de plus


Black Bean and Avocado Quesadilla

I adapted this recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks, Crazy Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr. I LOVE this cookbook and highly recommend it if you’re looking for delicious, inventive vegan recipes. 414 mots de plus

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