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Sindhi Kadhi

This post is an ode to my maternal grand parent’s house and visits to their house during summer holidays. My maamiji makes the best Sindhi Kadhi and can’t stress how good and firmly the flavours remain etched in my mind till date. 498 mots de plus


Roasted squash, feta and spinach salad

This salad is based on a slightly healthier version from Deliciously Ella’s first (self-titled book) – Roasted squash, olive, avocado and rocket salad.  I first made it for a birthday barbecue in the summer and we all really enjoyed it but I felt like it was missing something…and that something was cheese.   302 mots de plus


Red Sauce Fusilli

This dish is going to be your all time, go to comfort dish. Eliminate that white pasta and swap it in for this more nutritious and delicious buckwheat pasta. 262 mots de plus


Spicy Pan- Seared Fish with Cauliflower/ Broccoli Bake

I’m all about easy meals that don’t compromise on health and flavour. Today’s menu is just that. This marinade mixture can be used for anything. I’ve used it for beef, chicken and this recipe for fish. 398 mots de plus


Raw Marinara Spaghetti

Hi everyone!
Don’t Italiens make the best tasting food ever?
This is my raw vegan Marinara recipe so delicious and comforting, perfect as a family meal! 119 mots de plus


Cauliflower, Peas And Coconut Curry

This cauliflower, peas and coconut curry is a hearty, wholesome stew which my brother Ajay makes. It is warm, comforting and has a very profound yet delicate taste. 633 mots de plus


Peppered Pasta

This is one of the very first recipes my dad taught me how to make.  It is a wonderful combination of a light alfredo, grilled chicken, and colorful peppers.  245 mots de plus

Alfredo Pasta