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Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

It’s a miracle! My daughter, who’s almost 4, actually liked this soup. I had to nag her but she finally tried it and proclaimed it was « Yum! 401 mots de plus


Asian Rolls Revisited Sushi and Summer

This post is a clearance of some rolls I threw together in June but didn’t feel like blogging about.

Sushi Rolls – (top row) asparagus, (middle 3 rows) surimi/fake crab decorated with capelin roe and (bottom row) breaded chicken cutlet… 210 mots de plus


Bitter Gourd with Scrambled Egg

This is a local dish that has not really been a favorite of mine when I was younger. However, now that my palette is  accustomed to a variety of vegetables (that’s what I often like to tell myself!), this dish is now becoming one of my go-to recipes. 148 mots de plus


Palak Tofu

This healthy vegan variation of palak paneer is just as satisfying as the original dish and has a little kick of spice.

-2 frozen square packages of chopped spinach… 148 mots de plus


Veal roll, Italian style

Although this, you will agree, looks spectacular, it is really easy to put together.

It is absolutely perfect for a light week night supper, but I would not hesitate to entertain with it. 413 mots de plus


Chilli Con Carne

Winter in Cape Town is well and truly here.  There hasn’t been that much rain yet but it is absolutely freezing!! I am really missing beach weather and temperatures above 20 C.   242 mots de plus


Raw Vegan Corn, Tomato and Avocado Soup

For the past few weeks I have been interested more and more in vegan and vegetarian dishes. I guess it’s a natural transition now that I have eliminated a few items from my diet including pork, dairy milk, butter and few dairy products. 200 mots de plus