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Release: "May Fever" by Suzudama Renri

Yuzuho is normally the type of person eager to go outside; but during a certain time, she enters a phase where she wants to spend all day inside having sex with her partner Haruhisa. 42 mots de plus


5 Youth Manga to Read

Manga is a Japanese comic, which you read from right to left. It has a wide variety of genres to choose from and the story lines are fast-moving. 650 mots de plus


VIZ Media Announces Events for Creator Akira Himekawa During New York Comic Con 2017

VIZ Media announces special appearances and autograph sessions for the creative team behind The Legend of Zelda manga series, Akira Himekawa, during New York Comic Con in October 2017. 566 mots de plus


Let's All Help Each Other

Wow. This has been a terribly disastrous fall so far. We had the eclipse, then Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Katia spawned from the void and decided to destroy the American South. 175 mots de plus

Self Publishing

2D Champions Podcast Episode 90: Shiki

The Champions take some time out this week to visit the countryside and run across a village under attack from some creepy (hot?) ghost vampire monsters. 95 mots de plus


Character Spotlight: Natsuo Ishidou, Superiority or Inferiority?

Here is a piece that I have been debating about releasing for quite a long time. It was a little stream of conscious look into a character I have recently been fond of for the past few years. 1 747 mots de plus


The Ghost in the Shell (2017)

This film.

It is beautifully done. Beautiful in its looks and the way it is acted, so smoothly put together with one scene after the other. 551 mots de plus