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Nowhere I

Enchanting identity selected:

Meet The Mask.

Beneath that appealing veneer of fantastic,

The essence of the absence of soul exists.

A literally black interior,

A performer by nature, 69 mots de plus


The Good, The Bad, and the Ludicrous

And Both at the Same Time, so it’s Less Easy to Spot

Monday 8th October 2007

I’ve not written anything for ages, because life seems to get away from me. 1 868 mots de plus

Love Is A Super-Power

Growing up is losing the Magic Touch.

Growth physically but the intangible,

Horrifying human problem is a loss of Self on a global scale.

The Beautiful World reality is forgotten. 389 mots de plus


Fear of myself even

Dammit there is more. Another Saturday 7am revelation. What’s up with my brain in the morning working so hard?

I was thinking about the meeting with my inner child. 719 mots de plus

Blue Fin

Played a bit with an image from the viaduct at Millau, the highest bridge in the world


The Bad Fight

« So what happened to your old boyfriend? »

I never know how to answer that.  Am I supposed to give them some lighthearted response? Am I supposed to say that it didn’t work out, but that I wish him the best? 2 178 mots de plus