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I have learnt it the hard way that a new fad diet in the market with a flashy punch line « Lose 5 pounds in a week » will not work and neither will the electronic gadgets causing perspiration. 199 mots de plus

Weekend Projects

When we are hurting

I have been stumbling and learning over the past year that love is not about what I can get.

True, pure love for another can never be about what I can get in return.  560 mots de plus


Introducing Rachel Henrietta -- Mother Moroi

Mother Moroi came from the den
To gift me a paper bird.
“You, my childe, could fly with the wrens,”
Or so she said she’d heard. 206 mots de plus


Faulty DNA?

It is said that God made man in His image. It is also said that the world was destroyed, for no man was without sin, and then repopulated. 221 mots de plus


Mammogram, breast cancer, and manipulative statistics

Here’s a quiz

A healthy woman with no risk factors gets a positive mammogram result during a routine annual check. What is the probability that she actually has a breast cancer? 518 mots de plus



Hey lovelies!! How are you doing today?! Did you get to sleep well, eat well, Pray? (I know right? you forgot but its ok, we all forget and now that you have reminded, ngwa get on your knees!! 844 mots de plus