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The Truth About "Aliens" and UFOs

In case you didn’t know, the « Aliens » and at least some UFOs are really demonic entities. Satan and his angels are deceiving many into thinking these « aliens » are from some other advance civilization from another planet.  165 mots de plus


[shadow brokers]10:another possibility conducted by the NSA and CIA rogue operatives

If the CIA and NSA were intentionally concerned with this issue, it was not to frame the criminals but exploit them. This might be an approach to stir up a threat from the global crime organization with providing them obsolete hacking tools. 218 mots de plus


Death and taxes

… on human stupidity from a certified lunatic. Hey, I said I’m bonkers, not dumb! 656 mots de plus


Manipulating Minds

Have you ever wondered what the secret to successful manipulation is?

Successfully manipulating people has a long list of strategic behaviors to apply when attempting to exploit others. 1 991 mots de plus

Played...(pt. 1)

Gerold was born out of wedlock. His mother had been a street roamer when she was a teenager. She had flunked out of high school and was making ends meet by working at a local McDonalds. 690 mots de plus

Before the Apocalypse

“The last to fall were the buildings, distant and solemn, the gravestones for an entire world.”

— Dan Wells, Partials


Objective Reality vs. Perceived Reality

by John Perkins, Evonomics Waking Times

My success as chief economist at a major international consulting firm was not due to the lessons I learned in business school. 997 mots de plus