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Scott Weems Quote.

Weems, S. (2014). Ha!: The science of when we laugh and why.


The Eccentric Gentleman

I took this photo in 2009 of my husband, Jason when he was all dressed up for Halloween! I accentuated some shadow, tweaked the color and contrast, and removed the background. 28 mots de plus


Whatever You Strongly Desire Will Always Control You. When We Desire The Wrong Things Or With The Wrong Motives, Those Things/Motives Will Always Control Us (Gen3:16)

Whatever you earnestly desire will always control you — when we desire the wrong things or out of the wrong feelings or motives, those things will always control us.

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Maturity Teachings

Understand Your Hot Buttons and Weak Spots [Snakes in Suits]

We all have hot buttons and weak spots. Hot buttons are those things that provoke an automatic—often emotional—reaction from you, get you excited, or set you off. 1 381 mots de plus

Psychopathic Control Of Society

Sociopath After Sociopath

A common question people have after a relationship with a Sociopath is « Could I be a Sociopath »? The answer is NO! Because you have been methodically stripped of your mental and emotional well being, you find yourself starting to believe all the horrific things the Sociopath said to you. 1 533 mots de plus


Snakes, Everwhere

In mid-February this year I stopped by my wife’s work, as I’m known to do on occasion.
We’ll just say she works at a pharmacy/retail shop. 764 mots de plus

American Dream

Talking to the moon

the moon waved to me last night
with her rings of
clockwise turning.

she told me that she loved the ocean
and that she would forever tether herself to her… 37 mots de plus