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Church of Scientology keeps a 'blackmail' file on John Travolta and forces members to play musical chairs to Bohemian Rhapsody: Documentary claims to reveal shocking secrets of celebrity religion

The documentary was screened in America on Sunday evening and is based on Lawrence Wright’s book
  • Going Clear documentary claims to reveal secrets of Scientology religion…
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Losing Game

I felt like I made a mistake, even though I also thought that I managed things rather well. But, there was no mistaking him. I could sense what he was about. 376 mots de plus

Predators And Prey

Why food is rarely the simple pleasure it once was

Guts talk at an intriguing exhibition at London’s Science Museum (Image: Jennie Hills/Science Museum, London|Science & Society Picture Library)

by Simon Ings

Cravings: Can your food control you? 661 mots de plus