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Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the abbey side of the road.

Apologies to those who actually do ‘follow’ me, I haven’t been posting much recently.

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It may be that some of the great philosophical work of our time is taking place, hidden and unheralded, in the field of image forensics. 609 mots de plus


9 solutions for overcoming humanity’s original distortion

By Makia Freeman | ToolsForFreedom

Following the daily news, whether in the mainstream or alternative media, it is easy to see all the manifestations of the global conspiracy, from political corruption to GMOs to financial manipulation to geoengineering to the militarization of police to secret societies. 1 131 mots de plus


The Truth About Money

by Waking Times

Documentary Film – When money drives almost all activity on the planet, it would make sense that people understand it. Yet simple questions often get overlooked, such as:  95 mots de plus


Was "Jesus" crucified in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and the Bible simply Fiction, based on some Truth?

Visiting Cluj-Napoca gave me an unpleasant feeling. Monuments and Churches are massive, impressive, violent.

The river is called Herodotus.

There are a lot of Jews living & visiting there. 63 mots de plus

Frequencies - Worth watching?

Hello everyone,

Movie time.

Today’s movie Frequencies.


After I watched the trailer I actually didn’t even want to watch it, but then I saw this description… 164 mots de plus


4 July 2015 (AFR) - China acts to stem market rout - cracks down on market manipulation

(4 July 2015, AFR, p13, by Lisa Murray )

‘China’s securities regulator will investigate whether there has been any market manipulation following three weeks of volatile trading, which has wiped more than 25 per cent from the country’s two main exchanges. 41 mots de plus

1.Market Observations