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Manipulated Manipulators

Modern life is a game of manipulation. From everywhere signals are sent out aimed at influencing our behavior.

The art of advertising is the study of how to reach into the human subconsciousness and make people act contrary to their original intention. 203 mots de plus


The (Power) Struggle is Real

What is it about power that once within our grasp is so invigorating but in an instant can overwhelm us, swallowing us whole with one gulp. 298 mots de plus

Letters To Myself

North Dakota crude pipeline shut down after spill

Published time: 6 Dec, 2016 22:49


A crude oil transmission pipeline has been shut down in western North Dakota following a leak that spilled oil into a creek. 171 mots de plus



Part 1

« What is it you want from this life? » she asked him.

« I don’t know what I want, I only know… 1 065 mots de plus


"The Cat Said..." Method

Dear Journal,

If I recall my first encounter with manipulation, my memory will pull me back to swinging on the Lafayette Elementary School playground during recess. 921 mots de plus


Still I Rise

I feel terrified and alone. Divorce is not for the faint of heart. I am an extremely sensitive woman that feels everything. I trust my emotions as my most powerful guide. 570 mots de plus


Learning to Trust Myself

Trust your gut. I’ve heard the phrase over and over again. I understood in theory, but I never learned to trust myself as a child or really until I was in a relationship where I gave all of my trust to my husband, instead of myself. 297 mots de plus