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Never underestimate the manipulative power of a sociopath and their lies. Don’t hold hope on thinking other people will see who they really are or see through their lies. 18 mots de plus


The Hypocrisy of $425 Mud Jeans Extends Far Beyond the Fake Dirt

by Tracy Moore

You work as a graphic designer in a hip office in the arts district, but you prefer to look as if you spend your spare time digging muddy trenches. 880 mots de plus


Reuters Poll Reveals Americans Can No Longer Think for Themselves

by Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer,Waking Times

Watching the nation go crazy over the election, jumping on one side of the coin or the other and mindlessly defending their team with total disregard for other perspectives, genuine facts or valid ideas, one has to wonder if the typical American is even capable of thinking for themselves. 483 mots de plus



Too much information seems to be unavoidable now with people posting, tweeting, or blogging 24/7. Over-sharing has become the norm. Stub your toe, tweet about it. 553 mots de plus

Lessons Learned

What Would Carl G. Jung Say about Donald Trump?

by Paul Levy, Guest, Waking Times 

The great doctor of the soul and modern day alchemist C. G. Jung was so far ahead of his time that, more than half a century after his death,[1] he is still barely appreciated. 895 mots de plus