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Illuminati Insider Speaks Out ~ Rare Footage

Attacking the nervous system to get the reactions they want. Hence the massive fluoride in the water, the poisons in the foods, the « vaccines » … They want to destroy free will, and they have been fairly successful. 14 mots de plus


Narcissists Cannot Stand You Having Friends

A narcissist is greedy in all facets of life. He or she must have complete access to all of your love, your time, your money and your attention. 1 162 mots de plus


Poetry / Runoutta

Värikollaasi #62 pastellivärit-colors in pastel Color Collage

Kuvassa- Outi-Illuusia Lilja -in photo

Outi-Illusia laulaa/singing

ja runoa/and poetry


Fabric Manipulation course at West Dean College

I’m teaching a Fabric Manipulation long weekend workshop at West Dean College 16-19 March 2017. If you love texture and structure in textiles this is a perfect course for you to get really absorbed into exciting techniques and develop your own style with three days of teaching with loads of studio time and inspiration. 220 mots de plus


3-43 [Thought manipulation]: It is so called a manipulation that the spy often employs

The thought manipulation is one the crucial methodologies to hire a target as an asset. This itself is a manipulation of the general term that the spy has developed their techniques to maneuver a thought of the subject even without the electromagnetic manipulation. 607 mots de plus


Quote 199- Parents In Dysfunctional Families 2

Parents continue dominating kids, impose strict rules on them providing no freedom.

Dysfunctional Family