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Who will be King?

I figured out why, after every terrorist attack (bombing, shooting, knifing, etc), the media and leadership is constantly focusing on not saying, “Islamic extremism” and telling us that Islam is peaceful. 424 mots de plus


Overwatch's Zarya Translates Nicely Into Heroes Of The Storm

(Source: kotaku.com)


The great thing about bringing Overwatch characters into Heroes of the Storm is that their shooter skills are perfect for Blizzard’s MOBA. 97 mots de plus


In 2013 a Rothschild Insider Warned of an Elite Planned Race War in America

by Lucas Dare, Staff Writer, Waking Times

“I’ve just been told the current scenario is this whole race war thing… that’s the plan at the moment.”

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[No remedy for the visceral pain]: there are several symptoms, still no idea how to tackle with

I found out several ways to contain pains and disorders in the brain, but still, there is no measure to halt a visceral pain. The only I can do is to endure, but the pain sometimes becomes more than endurable. 646 mots de plus


Do I Stay or Do I Go?

This was a difficult decision to be made. Not as easy as it may seem to most. After years of emotional cruelty, you may feel depleted of confidence in yourself, and you may be afraid of the unknown. 882 mots de plus



Let’s talk about people.
When I was in Taizé, there was a guy in my bible group, that followed me around, wherever I was. That was pretty creepy, but I think, he didn’t know, that I knew he was doing that. 598 mots de plus

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