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Online choice “nudge” and the convenient encroachment of AI

The beginnings of the internet seem so long ago to those of us who lived through them. Hours spent trawling through pre-Google search results, which often ranged from the useless to the bizarre. 1 410 mots de plus


Day 16: Breakthru Sun

I feel different today. Not sure what it is. I said before that i finally saw a light at the end of a tunnel — to realize this is a tunnel and not an abyss was huge — but maybe now i feel that light. 2 650 mots de plus

Breaking Up

Airbrushed Models

When looking at photo manipulation from an advertiser’s stance, it is unethical. Advertisements and propaganda “can seduce us by juxtaposing suggestive, connotative, images with denoted brands to construct a set of associations that, hopefully, will become fixed in the consumer’s mind” (p. 280 mots de plus

Why Is It Illegal To Lie To The Government? (When The Government Lies Constantly To You?)

Michael Flynn, former national security adviser to President Donald Trump, arrives for his plea hearing at the Prettyman Federal Courthouse of December 1st, 2017, in Washington, D.C. 886 mots de plus


The other side of the curtain

A Soviet soldier and a Czechoslovakian woman tune in. Prague, 1968. Photo by Mondadori/Getty

During the Cold War, US propagandists worked to provide a counterweight to Communist media, but truth eluded them all…

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A New Black Metal Album Was Just Published — and It Wasn’t Made by a Human


An artificial intelligence has produced a five-track black metal album titled « Coditany of Timeness. » The songs were produced by training a neural network with Krallice’s 2011 record Diotima. 296 mots de plus


The Butterfly Collector 

According to the Urban Dictionary this is a person that treats people like butterfly species. He or she collects them, pins them down, analyze them to keep them for their own amusement and personal gain. 445 mots de plus