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Who Really Owns Your Birth Certificate and You?

by Waking Times

Video – Upon birth, any US citizen is immediately regarded as property – a human resource – and is issued a birth certificate that is actually a bank note. 65 mots de plus


Aana's House: A Domestic Violence Blog, Information, Statistics, and Resources for DV Victims

Source: Domestic Violence Statistics and Info

This is an amazing new blog on Domestic Violence, the creator spent an absurd amount of time on resources and help, statistics, and information for all domestic violence victims. 31 mots de plus

Aana's House

Sowing Seeds of Doubt

Gen 3:1  The snake was the most clever of all the wild animals that the LORD God had made. The snake spoke to the woman and said, « Woman, did God really tell you that you must not eat from any tree in the garden? 329 mots de plus



Getting into image manipulation, I created a few filters to change the look and feel of digital images. Though the software is not the most efficient, the results are looking good. 1 171 mots de plus


Here Come The Lesbian Rangers!

From, by Henry Makow

Back to school 2015. When this article first appeared in 2005, we didn’t realize it described the start of an official government policy to foist lesbianism, a developmental disorder, on unsuspecting youth.This article shows how even lesbians admit it is caused by family dysfunction. 1 242 mots de plus

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence


On Tuesday evening my best friend’s husband had a heart attack. She posted it on fb and I didn’t read it until 12 hours after she posted it. 431 mots de plus

One Photo Focus - September 2015

After-Before Friday is an event which allows photographers to share their processed images, and, if they choose, their post-processing steps. On the first Friday of the month, all participants have the opportunity to edit the same photo in the “One Photo Focus” challenge.   345 mots de plus

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