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NaPoWriMo 2018, Day 20: Divine Rebel

Today’s prompt asks us to incorporate the theme of rebellion into our poem. Okey dokey!


It was spring of 2017
and I was experiencing… 346 mots de plus


On Hold and A Handbasket to H*ll

I call my insurance company and a robotic voice answers, telling me to press 1 for English. The voice returns and tells me to enter my account number.   659 mots de plus

Of Two Minds

Trusting Our Instincts

I talk a lot on this blog about trusting instincts.

Recently I began going to meetings with a group of folks. After the first meeting my whole being said not to go back. 301 mots de plus


Clothes & Idiocy : Undering yourself to watch around

« Undering yourself to watch around » – Yep, clearly that’s not English. Sorry.

The whole society play makes us wear masks. This theater needs us to « operate » fluidly, so we hide our mess, our worries, our anger and the rest. 430 mots de plus

Possible adverse effects of an overly-imaginative youth

So my hypothesis goes ……..

What IF the facet of imagined emotive response — REPLACES the active sector of REAL emotive response. In that, if a child FIRST learns about anger through imagination — the feeling is imagined BEFORE it is actually felt — then DOES that imagined responsive process supplant any actual response that might have occurred. 257 mots de plus


Puerto Rico "US LAB"

By Luis Torres

Test trials of Agent Orange were carried out in Puerto Rico.

The US imposed a military government on Puerto Rico a century ago when it was seized from the Spanish. 2 964 mots de plus