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Working up the maquette and galley proof.

Article Dedication

In honor of

Harry K. Shigeta and Bruce Davidson


Taken in part from my forthcoming artists’ book:

Presenting Photography to Curators and Museums… 660 mots de plus


Introduction à la communication graphique et à la PAO – CFI2A01c – Scribus or Indesign

CFI2A01c –  Introduction à la communication graphique et
à la PAO


Au dernier cours nous avons vu le fonctionnement de SCRIBUS.

  • Création d’un document : la pagination, les marges, le fond perdu, …
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Web Publishing

Consult the coracle

The last 10 days or so have seen me make good progress on the coracle theme and at the same time begin a sixth sculpture. 382 mots de plus

Sculpture Project

'du Fil de Fer' | Isabelle Bonte

‘du Fil de Fer’

Isabelle Bonte

Whimsical models

de Fer est mon Fil

de Fer est mon Fil

de Fer est mon Fil

de Fer est mon Fil… 13 mots de plus


Big Bad Wolf

This was my first attempt at large scale sculpture. Spoiler alert: it’s a disaster!

Pictured below are two drugged out looking wolves. These guys were my maquettes. 611 mots de plus

Darth Vader and Son Deluxe Maquette

Limited to : 1500 pcs

Size : 12″ H (304 mm) x 9″ W (228 mm) x 10″ L (254 mm)

Availability : not easy to find… 36 mots de plus