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When I started this project, I found myself struggling with it. I began with a very complex piece with multiple implied shapes and planes. The first one was made of jewelry wire but I was unhappy with the way the wire wrapped to create the parts of the shape. 333 mots de plus

Carving the Contours

My work focuses on the narrative of negative space and the complex impact of a missing object on a remaining structure. Previously, artworks were made from fragile glass and microcrystalline wax for unique filtration of projected light. 156 mots de plus


Week 19: Words, Sketchbooks and Laser Cutting

This week has been a bit all over the place. I intended to get a lot more laser cutting done than I actually did, the laser cutter froze a couple of times plus I was set back because people tend to overrun their slot on the laser cutter and have to keep going which is totally understandable – if somewhat irritating – but hey, i’m not the only one trying to prepare for a degree show! 773 mots de plus


The evolution of Sally Tinker

My latest book, Brobot, was released in 2016. It’s a graphic novel for younger readers. I first started working on it in 2012. Over those four years I drew many different versions of the main characters – Sally, Joe and Brobot – and I’ll be sharing some of those over the next few months on this blog. 342 mots de plus


Motiver les élèves par des productions concrètes

Parce que certains apprenants doivent littéralement “être aux commandes” pour enregistrer de nouvelles informations, accompagnez-les dans la réalisation de leurs propres projets !

En effet, mettre en œuvre  une  1 224 mots de plus