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SPECTRE PARAMETRIQUE - version alpha, 2015 - édition à 10 ex. uniques

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Aperçu de l’exemplaire numéro 5/10

Edition JAP, Bruxelles, 2015

 Maquette version 2.7.1 – 5/10

Maquette version 2.7.2 – 5/10

making a sellotape figure

1. Wrapping my friend in clingfilm.  She was remarkably calm despite the wrap getting near to her eyes and mouth.

Half wrapped in Sellotape.

The finished cast of the head. 92 mots de plus


Pre-Production Update #8: Maquette

Hey, true-believers! It’s been a long time… about 2 years since the last post. Since then, I had to get a day job (paychecks!), a house (adulthood!), and had a daughter (hurray!). 818 mots de plus

Jupiter Ix

Building Maquettes

Maquette is a french word that means small scale sculpture or unfinished, rough draft of a model. They are used quite frequently in the art world for a myriad of purposes; everything from character and set design, 3D prototypes in video games, to preliminary test run on physical sculptures. 610 mots de plus


Abstracting the human form

Collages and a maquette leading up to the final piece of the « Abstracting the human form » self written brief.