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I took some time out from my (small) sculpture project for the National Maritime Museum Cornwall to make a separate proposal for a large piece to be permanently placed in the museum exhibition space. 304 mots de plus

Sculpture Project

Bruce Armstrong @ NGV

It may not be a Norwegian Blue but there is definitely a large dead bird in the middle of the foyer of the NGV. Although hieratic, priestly, stiff and formal like ancient Egyptian art, Bruce Armstrong’s sculptures somehow have a sense of humour. 296 mots de plus

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Platonic Living: Maquettes


Concerned with the intersection between art and design, my work explores a combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal. This installation focuses on the desire to remove art objects from conventional ‘white-walled’ gallery spaces, instead placing them into domestic environments and giving them practical uses. 206 mots de plus



Here are some images of a maquette that we constructed shown in regular light:

Shown in Black light:

We were pleased at how our paper light up under the black light, and we will be beginning construction tomorrow.


Maryanna Hoggatt: The Amazing Artist Who Inspired Me To Sculpt

This is one of those instances where one click on the internet can really change your life…my life, to be exact.

It all started about a year ago when I was on… 524 mots de plus

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