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Impossible sculpture (part 1) – Maquette

Developing the idea of a stone, I had to consider types of stones I could use. As there were some pebbles behind the studio I used them as a starting point. 440 mots de plus

Nieuwe aanwinst voor Sagrada Família

Binnenkort is de Sagrada Família weer een stukje completer. In de loop van maart wordt namelijk de nieuwe beeldengroep ‘Het Lege Graf’ toegevoegd aan de façade van de Passie. 477 mots de plus

Beeldende Kunst

White to Black: a Space-Time Composition in a Rotational Movement

The task was to create a complex spatial arrangement from elements: planes, curvature of bends, perforations, etc. and values: white and black. Transformations of the system (observed in the frame) should follow the shape of the spatial layout. 33 mots de plus

Student Projects

Show Case sessions - The Feedback

We are delighted to share the feedback offered by the participants of the project at the Showcase sessions and what we found out and learnt during… 1 002 mots de plus

Definitive massing

Building a more definitive version of the massing model… 1:100 section models to come next. Assuming I can fit all of this in before January!…