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See Emily Play...

Not the great song by the mighty Floyd, but this is a render of the Emily 2.0 data from the digital human league/wikihuman  project… ( 50 mots de plus

Digital Art

3D Project - Maquette

A maquette (French word for scale model, sometimes referred to by the Italian names plastico or     modello) is a small scale model or… 541 mots de plus


Amy's Art: Kimono Cat Collection - The Passau Kunstnacht Exhibition

It was Kimono Day in Japan yesterday (November 15th), so I thought the perfect way to celebrate the occasion is by finally posting about my… 781 mots de plus

About Amy

Cardboard Maquette 

After some thinking and drawings I decided that my medal needed to combine representation of people as makers and how they communicate, demonstrate or express themselves through their work and that it is theirs. 568 mots de plus


Making a Maquette

Emma Rogers
Media Intern

Within the museum’s current special exhibition, Continuum: The Art of Michael Dunbar in the Sculptural Tradition, guests are invited to create models similar to the process Michael Dunbar uses before constructing his sculptures. 56 mots de plus

Special Exhibitions


In today’s lesson we made these prints using paper and cutting out shapes from them to create interesting designs.

At first it was quite hard to be experimental with my pieces and not try to hard to make them interesting as using simpler shapers and off cuts made more interesting pieces. 57 mots de plus

Faith And Belonging

3D printing is cool!

Our latest 3D experience! Digital printing of the individual « #Arboretum » houses for Morsang-sur-Orge – #CLARM #I3F

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