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pictures @ exhibition

The images were cut from a contact proof sheet and mounted to simulate exhibition enlargements . . . the « prints » were then placed on the walls of a maquette as part of a presentation illustrating a proposed color scheme change for the existing gallery walls. 28 mots de plus


Had a lousy few days

OK here goes. It’s been a while since I last wrote but I’ve been busy all the same. My sculpting activities have been very repetitive and sometimes tedious but I am getting to the end of a stage. 401 mots de plus

Sculpture Project

Iron City - Maquette of Pula

So, this picture was taken about a year ago, when I didn’t know nothing about photography(it was shot in auto) but it was still a good pic(it was even in competition for a prize in a photography competition). 65 mots de plus


Amy's Art: Kimono Cat Collection - Meet Tama The Yukata Cat

After two and a half months of work, Tama is finally complete! I am so relieved. And what better time is there to showcase her than today, the 7th of July, which is the famous… 811 mots de plus

About Amy

Amy's Art: Kimono Cat Collection - The Making of Tama Part 3

The Making of Tama Part 3 is finally here! Phew, this leg of the journey took a long, long time. I thought the painting part of this process would be a breeze and I would finish it all quickly but nope…this took the longest! 881 mots de plus

About Amy

Making a Mermaid Maquette

I’ve been shamefully neglecting my main blog lately, because I’m having so much fun over here at Mermaid Music! So I thought I’d get double the use out of a post and write something that applied to both blogs. 141 mots de plus