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BE Creative Makeup highlighter !

Shine bright like a diamond..

De make-up huismerk van Ici Paris is BE Creative Makeup. Ik liep een keer de Ici Paris binnen en de make-up assortiment viel mij heel erg op. 221 mots de plus


Wedding Make-up Tips

Today, I turned onto my facebook only to read that my cousin who is getting married in a couple of weeks walked into Sephora asking for a waterproof makeup setting spray. 472 mots de plus


12 Black owned make up brands you need to know

More than the B.O.M.B challenge ( Black Owned Make Up Brands ) , let’s dig up some black-owned make up brands that you need to know. 819 mots de plus

Business Tales

Clinique Pep-Start : una crema che vi cambierà la vita!

Non mi sento affatto esagerata a dare questo titolo al post.
E se provaste anche voi la nuova Pep-Start Hydro Blur Moisturizer di Clinique, mi dareste immediatamente ragione. 364 mots de plus

cena de navidad

All the years my family has the tradition of dressing up as something on Christmas dinner. This year we decided to dress up us a Disney character and I painted my face us the Cheshire cat. 11 mots de plus


Strobing vs. Contouring


Kendall Jenner                                                               Kim Kardashian West

Contouring is out, and strobing is in. But what exactly is strobing? Strobing is a part of the contouring family; it’s practically a cousin or a sister of contouring. 112 mots de plus