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Aqours 2nd Love Live: Happy Party Train

I went to Manville, New Jersey with a friend to the Happy Party Train Concert,  expecting a modest crowd in comparison to what I had seen in the New York screening in the… 635 mots de plus


Shun Li PPJ week04

This week, my main task is to test one of our main character’s shading, and the following is some renders. I painted his textures in Mari and rendered with renderman. 10 mots de plus


Discovering a "new" element

Mari and Rosi completed a project in which they « discovered » a « new » element (VIDEO) and created a presentation for The Joint Working Party for the Discovery of New Elements, an organization that controls additions to the periodic table of elements. 14 mots de plus

What was life like as a female singer 3400 years ago?

By guest contributor Lynn-Salammbô Zimmermann

In the mid-14th century BCE, a group of young female singers contracted an unknown disease. A corpus of letters from… 1 586 mots de plus

Think Pieces

A scientific surprise

I received a fabulous gift today from two awesome students! They made a simulated lava lamp using oil, water, and food coloring. They made it bubble with Alka-Seltzer! How about that initiative?!

Puerto Rican Citizenship: the Odd Case of Juan Mari Brás

I’m writing this blog on the anniversary of Juan Mari Brás’ death on Sept 10 of 2010. Mari Brás was a prominent socialist and independentista from Puerto Rico. 736 mots de plus


Morning delight by Dusan Kovic

This is a personal project of Dusan Kovic. Task of project was to create a photo-realistic render from assets which can later be imported into Unity game engine and rendered with  23 mots de plus