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An Update, and a Magical Day

25 Ceres

Dear readers,

Before I begin I would like to inform you all I have taken the spiritual name Madria Gwenevere, but you can all still refer to me as Madria Erin or Erin. 1 751 mots de plus


« Marisela! »

Rigo cried out and Marisela came running into the boys’ bedroom. He was standing before the left side of his bed, shining a flashlight on both the bed and the wall behind it. 7 943 mots de plus


We don't let people on the road without bread and prayer

In a sense, going east of Vladimir feels like entering another world. Dilapidated villages of previous areas regain colour and life, people toil forests and fields. 3 348 mots de plus

Travel Blog

A Visit to Mari Vineyards

I always seem to run into Sean O’Keefe when he’s busy. One time I ran into him was at the 2015 Michigan Wine Showcase in Detroit. 1 538 mots de plus


Cheerful Amnesia Chapter 8

Cheerful Amnesia Chapter 8


Ninth Chapter of the Amnesia story A Yuri Comedy written by Oku Tamamushi and published in Comic Cune Magazine.

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Mandala Assessment Research Instrument - MARI

The little blue door

I just came back from my final training in Cleveland Ohio for MARI Card readings. The Cards are a psychoanalytic tool to assess where a person is on the round of life, and the strength and the challenges of the current stages they fall within. 750 mots de plus