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Cheerful Amnesia Chapter 2

Cheerful Amnesia Chapter 2

明るい記憶喪失 Third chapter of the Yuri Love Comedy. NNB Chapter 41 later. A Yuri Comedy written by Oku Tamamushi and published in Comic Cune Magazine. 14 mots de plus


Mari - after critique

I’ve taken the critique during class and have added a bit more rust around the nails. Some darkened wood (wet spots?) as well as scratches. I’ve changed where I’ve also placed the logos, and I got to say, it looks way better than it did before. Thank god for critique.


Day 1 on Mari (crate)

First day in Mari and I remember why I don’t like the program, everything is complicated on it, it’s not user friendly at all and I hate the tumbling navigation, or the lack of ability to turn it off… 75 mots de plus


Mari - Painting crates

First day of playing with Mari. The camera is a bit troublesome, trying to get used to handling it but it was similar to Photoshop so that was super helpful with playing with the different layers (multiply, etc). 118 mots de plus


Sub efectul meciurilor de UCL consum fizic si psihic, Vor fi surprize. Pariuri in cote mari

In ligue 1 PSg revine ca o echipa ratata care nu a putut sa conserve un avantaj de 4 goluri inca  90 minute de pe Camp Nou… 156 mots de plus

PAriuri Strategii

Evangelion 2.22 part 2: You Can (not) Justify Mari's Existance

Mari, Mari, Mari. What more could you possibly do wrong with an Evangelion character? She insane, but not insane in the way that has any depth behind it. 1 140 mots de plus


Ah sudahlah. Mari kita merokok saja, sayang…

Apa sih enaknya merokok? Bukannya rokok itu membahayakan kesehatan ya?” ucapmu dengan wajah cemberut ketika memberikan pesanan saya: satu bungkus Lucky Strike yang harganya, menurutmu, sangat tidak masuk akal itu. 522 mots de plus