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Mari - Matter

Chicago rising star « Mari » drops a new outstanding track which was also self produced by him as well called « Matter ».


On Prophecy in the Ancient World

More often than not, understandings of prophecy arise from hearing about or reading the Hebrew Bible. Books like Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Amos, and Isaiah shapes and form these understandings. 596 mots de plus

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WIP Still Life: Texturing Day 5

Did some cool scanning in the printer room and tried putting it the paint tube on the to texture uv in Mari, definitely had to do some manual painting as the printer wasn’t able to give me good scans but I did the best I could with what I had and this is the output.

Still Life

Cum sa avem castiguri in Meciurile de fotbal.Nu pariati intotdeauna pe GRANZI!

Am vazut o Barcelona care a pierdut la PSG 0-4 la Alaves a facut scor, la Bilbao a castigat atunci 3-1,dar infrangerile au venit afara, cu Celta, cu Deportivo, si cu Malaga in deplasare. 208 mots de plus

PAriuri Strategii

Cheerful Amnesia Chapter 4

Cheerful Amnesia Chapter 4

明るい記憶喪失 Fifth Chapter of the Amnesia story A Yuri Comedy written by Oku Tamamushi and published in Comic Cune Magazine.

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WIP Still Life: modelling day 2 

So it’s been quite a frustrating day dealing with triangles and 5 sides shapes in my topology. I’ve sculpted my canvas a little and I’ve done a base of the paint tube included in the picture. 88 mots de plus


WIP Still Life

Hey guys! Sorry for not uploading in a while, I’ve been really sick lately but I’m recovering now.

It’s been really busy in class recently because of the assignment we’re currently going through. 223 mots de plus