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Rothko biography traces the artist's spiritual values back to his Jewish childhood

In the 1950s, Mark Rothko accepted a handsome commission, a series of murals for the Four Seasons restaurant in the new Seagram building on Park Avenue. 1 048 mots de plus


Inspiration for today: Mark Rothko

I certainly have a « type » when it comes to favorite art; large, abstract paintings are my go-to. There is something so meditative about engaging with an image of this scale and style. 222 mots de plus

Abstract Expressionism

The Art of Curating

It comes a time in every young Art Administrator’s life to curate their own exhibit. Four years of business, art history, studio classes, and internships prepare us to go out into the world and make our mark. 232 mots de plus


Society (2015)

Okay, so this painting is still drying before my very eyes, and it needs some touchups and a much better photograph. However, I haven’t set my price yet anyway, so that stuff isn’t completely essential just yet. 816 mots de plus

Abstract Expressionism

The Cult of Novelty

Something new and interesting by Antonio Espinosa

I am a music student. Recently I handed in a draft for a composition assignment that began with a very simple… 963 mots de plus


The Mystery of Language

I see a relationship between impressionism, some kinds of abstract paintings, and the poetry I want to write—of just suggesting something. Giving only enough information/detail to set the readers’ imagination working. 258 mots de plus