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"The Human Part is Now." - A Conversation with Mila Jaroniec

Mila Jaroniec has been part of the Flapperhouse family since way way back: her poem « Window Glass » appeared in our very first issue, and she was the… 2 081 mots de plus


The Artist in Me

Being a science nerd, for the most part, I found works of art too complex to my analytical and mathematical mind. I believe that there is an inherent mathematical nature to reality and I am fascinated by this mysterious connection between mathematics and nature. 752 mots de plus

Mark Rothko on painting 

‘It is our function as artists to make the spectator see the world our way, not his way.’ ~ Mark Rothko

Artist Quote

The Art of Drawing Comparisons

When it comes to artists comparing their work with that of their peers, superiors and subordinates, most artists should be familiar with the following thought processes: 1 231 mots de plus


Robert Longo b&w Ab Ex

Now that I’m back to painting in black and white, I’m thinking a lot about what kind of painting approaches are effective without colour. I don’t like the idea of making paintings that look like they could be better in colour, like black and white reproductions in old art books. 204 mots de plus


I was asked to cover a class today in a room down a hallway tucked away where all the culinary and art folk can have their space. 152 mots de plus


Dark Palette 

Paintings by Mark Rothko on view at Pace Gallery New York