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Abstract Expressionism at the R.A.

In his introductory essay to the catalogue of the Royal Academy’s current exhibition, Abstract Expressionism, of which he was one of the two principal curators, David Anfam suggests that while it has proved difficult to pin down a clear definition of abstract expressionist style, there has long existed a consensus as to the major figures involved: start with Pollock and Rothko and add two or three more. 958 mots de plus

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Artist spotlight: Mark Rothko

Hiya! Today’s post is all about an artist (Han…you proud?) read on to find out more…

I recently saw a piece of work on Pinterest and was determined to find the artist who created it! 198 mots de plus

Paintings of Infinite Worth

In the postscript to Umberto Eco’s dense and philosophical historical novel, The Name of the Rose, he observes: « …I would define the poetic effect as the capacity that a text displays for continuing to generate different readings, without ever being completely consumed. 993 mots de plus

Never Mind The Pollocks, Here’s James Ensor

Abstract Expressionism – Royal Academy

A rare trip to the smoke saw me divert to the Royal Academy to catch the Abstract Expressionism (or AbEx as we hipsters call it) exhibition which is on until 2nd January. 564 mots de plus


Pace explores Mark Rothko's Dark Palette


Rothko: Dark Palette
, an exhibition tracing the history of Mark Rothko’s use of dark colours in his powerful oeuvre is currently on view at Pace, 510 West 25th Street until 7 January 2017. 250 mots de plus


More on the New York School...

Following on from my last but one post Matthew Morrison Macaulay asks where did you first see an abstract expressionist’s painting, and what was your impressions of the photography that came from America of the artists studios or the artists at work in their studios?   439 mots de plus

"In Fact I Do Not Think When I Paint"

I remember the day I fled to Boston- I was really burned out on Wall Street not taking a single day off for an entire year, and finally broke down under the pressures and stress. 831 mots de plus