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The code of inner rejections

Why do painters exist? I’m not talking here about the question of why painting itself emerged as an art form: applying pigment to a flat surface is an impulse as old as humanity, to the point where it almost defines us. 1 009 mots de plus


Rothko Plot Twist

How could he just smear some blocks of color on a canvas and call it good? Who did this guy think he was? I was enraged when I first learned about Mark Rothko. 799 mots de plus


#39. John Bunker writes in anticipation of "Abstract Expressionism" at the RA

« … Like a Tongue to a Loosening Tooth. »

Thoughts in anticipation of the upcoming Abstract Expressionism show at the Royal Academy, 24th September 2016 – 2nd January 2017. 1 628 mots de plus

John Bunker

Quote of the Day

My quarrel with the term « Action Painting » is that it gave rise to the erroneous idea that the painter, now being « free, » could do « anything he liked.

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Hedda Sterne: Against the Abstract Expressionist Tide

On the 4th of August 1910, Romanian-Jewish artist Hedda Sterne was born as Hedwig Lindenberg in Bucharest. Sterne is remembered as the only woman present in the… 816 mots de plus