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Visual Fables for the 21st Century

Fire at the Surface: Imagery and Process in the Paintings of Ric McCauley
Gallery 209, Cape Charles, VA

« Fire at the Surface » –Detail, Ric McCauley, 2015… 618 mots de plus


Divided Attention

Eliminate something superfluous from your life. Break a habit. Do something that makes you  feel insecure.

Piero Ferrucci

Well, I’m following Ferrucci’s directive, but not by conscious choice. 376 mots de plus

Sedentary in Mind Only?

I envy  because there is so much physical satisfaction in the actual work of painting and sculpture. I’m a physical being and resent this sedentary business of sitting at one’s desk and moving only one’s wrist. 502 mots de plus


Tate Modern - 14/05/15

‘The Wing of the wind of Madness’, 1982, Avis Newman

I hadn’t been to the Tate Modern in a long time, as I often find myself seeing the same works of art over and over again. 1 081 mots de plus


This Creative Life....

After a staggeringly inspired visit to the Sonia Delaunay show at Tate Modern last week I am compelled to celebrate the idea of art and design standing hand in hand. 133 mots de plus


First Listen Review: Loren Connors - "Blues - The Dark Paintings of Mark Rothko"

Genre: Blues/Ambient

The Good: The music on here keeps to the style he is known for, but he’s altered the recording style for the better. It sounds very lo-fi, as if some mysterious individual invested the electric guitar in the early 1900s before everyone else got their hands on it. 104 mots de plus