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What We Learned From the Knoedler Trial and Scandal: A Post-Mortem

The smoke is clearing.

It’s been almost half a year since the settlement of a dramatic civil court case between Ann Freedman and the Knoedler Gallery and collectors Domenico and Eleanore De Sole, who bought a fake Mark Rothko painting from the gallery in 2004 for $8.3 million. 898 mots de plus

Mark Rothko

That Rare Moment

Pictures must be miraculous: the instant one is completed, the intimacy between the creation and the creator is ended.

Mark Rothko


I came across the words above from the late painter… 399 mots de plus

Recent Paintings

Tate Modern in May 2016

The new Tate Modern building* was inaugurated on June 17. I was there in late May and much still looked like a building site, here the… 731 mots de plus

Art Reflections


So he continued, conflating love with expectation on his pallet. ‘With matters of the heart, things never turn out as hoped’ he mused. No, things didn’t turn out the way he wanted, but surveying this mixture, he had painted nothing, but beauty

100 Beautiful Words

Rothko Revisited

Not horizontally specifically like Mark Rothko, but it’s something about the luminescence, and the soft edges, and the layers. 7 mots de plus


Yellow is the Color of my Sad

Yellow is the color of my sad, how it runs.
Some think it is blue but it is not.
Blue is the common choice for color/me/sad, the popular one (how moods get typecast), 132 mots de plus
John Biscello