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Painters with Mental Ill Health - Part 2

Today I have chosen to focus on the life and work of Mark Rothko.

Mark Rothko (1903-1970) – American painter of Russian Jewish descent. His work is labelled as Abstract Expressionist though he did not want to be part of any art movement. 82 mots de plus


Nothing No. 33

« There is no such thing as a painting about nothing » (Rothko, Gottlieb, 1947)

Ad Reinhardt (1913-1967) misquoting Mark Rothko and Adolph Gottlieb in… 9 mots de plus


Now Defunct Knoedler Gallery Settles Lawsuits for Fake Rothkos

New York’s oldest gallery, which was pushed out of business after selling $60 million in fake art passed off as Rothkos and the work of other canon Abstract Expressionists, has begun to settle some of the ten pending lawsuits against them. 200 mots de plus

Nothing No. 32

There is no such thing as a good painting about nothing.

from Manifesto (1943) by Mark Rothko (1903-1970) and Adolph Gottlieb (1903-1974)


Lillian's Tapestry

Ok ok before I get into this blog post : all my aunts are cool! You hear me out there?? Hugs & Kisses

Today I want share with you more about my Aunt Jan, who I introduced a couple weeks back with her painting of a… 636 mots de plus


Beauty Break: 08.08.15

Organic modern.


Earrings by C. Alexandria by Hand
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Celadon Abstract by Mark Rothko
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Liberty of London fabric…
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Beauty Break

Big Blue

When Big Sur copies Mark Rothko
Pacific Coastal Highway, CA
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