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Waiting for your "Purpose" to reveal itself

Once again you find yourself having this conversation quietly in your head.

« I want to make a huge difference on this earth, I want to live a life with… 238 mots de plus

Greg Canty

Authenticity - On and Offline

Authentic. A word commonly used amongst millennials, authenticity is about so much more than how we represent ourselves on social media. Authenticity comes down to the way you treated the barista at your local coffee shop when you were in a rush to get to work. 599 mots de plus


5-1 Blog: Top Dog Versus Underdog

What is the brand strategy being used by the top dog? What is the brand strategy being used by the underdog?

Based on the 2019 market share results, Toyota is the top dog compared to Honda (Wagner, 2020).  600 mots de plus


To lie or not to lie. Greenwashing is the question.

Ever wonder how come many companies suddenly have amazing environmental schemes as soon as it becomes a trendy topic? How they were able to do all so quickly? 265 mots de plus


American Woman Who Left Cruise Ship Tests Positive for Coronavirus

More than 2,000 people were on the vessel, which docked in Cambodia. Hundreds have flown on to other destinations, raising fears that they could spread the virus.. 32 mots de plus