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Marry The Night

I’ve really been loving the triangle patterns that you can create in Photoshop. It’s definitely not as easy as it looks, and while I work on some abstract triangle wallpapers, I decided to just have some fun and experiment with the shape tool to make my own by hand. 121 mots de plus

Graphic Design

Northern Lights vs Lady Gaga videos

Some time ago, at about 9 pm, I get a whatsapp from Germany asking « Wanna go Northern-Lights hunting? ». I think about it for about two seconds and reply with a « yeah sure ». 1 127 mots de plus


marry the night

I have always been attracted to the idea that one shouldn’t try to destroy, hide or deny the dark side of one self. For every sun-lit morn there is a moon-lit night. 226 mots de plus