Étiquettes » Maternelle

Propre and nappy-free.

I recently learned that children need only one thing to enter a French nursery school (apart from the paperwork): they must be propre.

The adjective  338 mots de plus


Un outil de suivi des élèves

Je m’adresse ici aux enseignants !

Dans toute classe, en particulier dans une classe maternelle, et qui plus est Montessori, la question de l’observation des élèves est un sujet très important et difficile : observer, d’accord, mais comment ? 704 mots de plus


À l'école du plaisir

Voilà voilà j’arrive !

Je n’écris pas encore le mot « bonheur », car la petite section… ça pleure !! C’est vraiment trop dur de quitter les parents ! 932 mots de plus


L'école de la forêt

This is the poem I am using this year to introduce the French alphabet to my students. I started with my elementary students but my Kindergarteners really enjoyed it as well so while I’m at it I will try it tomorrow with my 4 year old preschoolers:-) 141 mots de plus

Comptines (songs And Poems)

Au revoir, ma fille

Today we welcomed another member to our household: a school girl.

She awoke at six o’clock sharp to attend to the important task of getting ready for school. 227 mots de plus


Back to school | 1st day of Maternelle

What an emotion filled week! I can’t count how many tears I’ve shed or how many times I had to pick up the shattered pieces of my broken heart. 475 mots de plus

Being A Mom