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C’est le nom de cette technique « bande dessinée » venue du Japon que les élèves de maternelle GS ont utilisé pour raconter une séquence d’une histoire lue en classe. 111 mots de plus

Activite Arts Plastiques

First week at the maternelle

We decided before we arrived that we would enroll DD into a maternelle as soon as we were settled, so it was always on the cards. 2 051 mots de plus

Moving To France

Envisioning 'Maternelle' Online

This week we were to reflect on our online experiences so far this semester in EC&I 833 and comment on the impact the class has had on our learning. 1 209 mots de plus


Lundi matin

Being at home on maternity leave, I had to reflect a great deal on what educational media or software I use in the classroom. At first I thought, nothing fancy. 834 mots de plus