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Far From the Madding Crowd (2015)

« They spoke very little of their mutual feelings: pretty phrases and warm attentions being probably unnecessary between such tried friends.” And indeed, Thomas Vinterberg’s screen adaptation of the classic Thomas Hardy love story… 1 573 mots de plus

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Movie Trailer: Far From the Madding Crowd

This is one movie I want to watch. Not that I know the story, but from the trailer, the heroine Bathsheba seems to be a woman ahead of her times–independent, strong, not willing to be a woman who relies on a man for anything. 32 mots de plus


Far from the Madding Crowd

This latest screen adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s novel is a film in which the cinematography ostensibly comprises three elements; innumerable close-ups of Carey Mulligan as feisty farmer Bathsheba Everdene, sweeping panoramas of the English countryside (rolling hills, spectacular sunsets and the like) and myriad moments of men standing slack-jawed and beholden to the splendour of a woman who bewitches them the moment they lay eyes on her. 558 mots de plus

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Film Review: Suite Française (2014) ★★★★

Every time I watch a film about war, especially World War II, I always find myself thinking, “how many more wars do we need to witness in order to understand that warring is the most useless and cruel thing ever invented by human being? 534 mots de plus

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A Little Chaos (2014)

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Genre: Female/ Drama/ Romance/ A historically inaccurate film, which makes no claims.

Short version:

Yes, the movie is exactly what you see on the poster. 493 mots de plus


Far From The Madding Crowd (2015)

How do you solve a problem like Bathsheba Everdene? It’s a question that has plagued literary enthusiasts since 1874, when Thomas Hardy first introduced her to the world in one of his classic novels,  757 mots de plus


[Video Review] Far From The Madding Crowd (2015) by Bede Jermyn

Dir: Thomas Vinterberg

Starring: Carey Mulligan, Matthias Schoenaerts, Michael Sheen, Tom Sturridge, Juno Temple, Jessica Barden.

IMDb Synopsis: In Victorian England, the independent and headstrong Bathsheba Everdene attracts three very different suitors: Gabriel Oak, a sheep farmer; Frank Troy, a reckless Sergeant; and William Boldwood, a prosperous and mature bachelor.

My rating:

– Bede Jermyn

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