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It's 'putt up or shut up' at Junkyard Golf Club

Crazy golf just got epic! Junkyard Golf Club offers 3 crazy courses, sweet covered cocktails and food straight from the circus. 416 mots de plus


Important: MCR Apps Must Match Previous Quarter

They Don’t Quite Match!

Did you know that one of the most common reasons an MCR (Mortgage Call Report) is questioned by a State Agency is because the applications in process do not match between quarters? 291 mots de plus


Do This 1st - NMLS MCR

By doing this first you will cut the time it takes to do your MCR in half!

The very first thing I do is I click the button that says… 125 mots de plus


NMLS MCR Application Pipeline

AC010 Applications in Process at the beginning of the Period: This must match last quarters Applications in Process at the end of the previous period. We talked about this in a previous blog. 509 mots de plus


Gerard Way: Storytelling from Music to Comics

You say the name Gerard Way and a few different things may pop into your head. Maybe, it’s the famous G note for the start of the Black Parade… perhaps, it’s the music video for Helena… maybe and this is definitely the case for me, Gerard’s name will bring you back to your My Chemical Romance days. 1 474 mots de plus



This is for all the thots and bastards who a) have the misfortune of knowing who the fuck Kobra Kid is and are b) interested in making 2019 their year or a year or something and also give a shit about the environment. 305 mots de plus

An Umbrella-shaped hole in my heart

I see the night sky
I see the clouds fly
But anywhere we go
I’ll bring an umbrella with me

I don’t think about it so often… 147 mots de plus