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Ava DuVernay, Van Jones discuss Trump voters at special '13th' event

On Sunday night, a wide cross-section of Hollywood glitterati gathered at the home of Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos for a subdued celebration of the Ava DuVernay’s Netflix documentary… 1 139 mots de plus


Greece: Antisemitic comments during popular morning show

Greek journalist Dimos Verykios recently made antisemitic comments during the morning show « Happy Day » of Alpha TV channel. More precisely, he stated (watch video below, 20’05 »-20’57 »): 172 mots de plus


Offer your support to the finalists in the “Peace and nonviolence initiatives through education and medias” category


In the south of Barranquilla, the fourth biggest city in Colombia, a youth group started a citizen’s initiative made up of 15 youth  named Pazabordo, in order to participate  in rebuilding peace in their communities through radio. 450 mots de plus


Retour (Restauration?) de la Royauté Traditionnelle à Bê-Akrika

Le vendredi 16 décembre s’est tenue à l’hôtel Ledger Plazza de Bangui une concertation rassemblant pour la première fois, depuis l’arrivée des colons, un grand nombre de chefs, de sultans ainsi que les chefs de terre. 251 mots de plus

القضاء و الإعلام

« القضاء و الإعلام يشتركان في السعي إلى كشف الحقيقة، هذا ما صرح به الرئيس السابق للهيئة الوقتية للقضاء العدلي، القاضي خالد العياري »، في إشارة منه إلى التوافق الظاهر على الأقل بين القطاعين . 28 mots de plus