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Bar on the river!

So remember when I was telling you that after my Yarra river walk I was going to go back to this bar I saw. The bar was called Arbory Afloat and let me tell you it is pretty amazing. 160 mots de plus

Yarra river walk, Melbourne

Friday in sunny Melbourne. The perfect day 29 degrees, bit of Wind but no grey skies. I thought to myself no way am I not seizing the day and do nothing! 175 mots de plus


Random rows this week.

Supermarket trolleys

Bollards in Melbourne to provide resistance

to wayward water vessel I think.

over the next few months we will see acres and acres… 17 mots de plus


Everlasting Flower

Everlasting Flower, watercolour on paper, 25 x 35 cm, 2018. (Melbourne, Australia)

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Croissant Lune-acy

A couple of years ago, I came across an article titled ‘Is the World’s Best Croissant Made in Australia?’ Naturally, I read it and the thought of such a place stuck with me. 451 mots de plus