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Being a White Passing Asian American

With everything that is going on in the world today, I’ve struggled to find my voice. To know what I should say and how I can say it. 574 mots de plus


Cultivate...COPING by Teaching Resilience during Embarrassment

Everyone gets embarrassed, but children especially can have a hard time putting embarrassment into perspective. Here are two great tips for helping your child process embarrassment: 145 mots de plus

Mental Health

Not Fighting It. Joining It.

I have made it a point to be hyper aware of the responses I am known to have when there is a strong break in my routine. 691 mots de plus

Self Healing

Great Depression-Like Jobless Rate Seen for U.S.: Eco Week Ahead - Yahoo Canada Finance

Great Depression-Like Jobless Rate Seen for U.S.: Eco Week Ahead Yahoo Canada Finance

from « »mental health » OR « mental disorder » OR « psychiatry » OR « mental illness » OR « psychiatrist » OR « psychotherapist » OR « depression » OR « bipolar » -« the depression » » – Google News… 14 mots de plus

Mental Health

The Beauty of Darkness

Depression and the power it holds

May is mental health awareness month. It really couldn’t have fallen on a more perfect time in 2020. As the pandemic continues, and people are growing more and more weary of staying home, the importance of mental health care takes a front row seat. 2 297 mots de plus


Dosing diary 5/30/20 Saturday evening edition

Good evening! Tonight’s last kratom dose of the day is…..

3 teaspoons of Red Borneo and 3 teaspoons of Gold Bali kratom.

Do you ever get into a project using one method that works well enough, get half way through and just find a new, better way of doing the hardest part of it but it means that you need to take apart all that you’ve put together? 253 mots de plus


Different Ways to Heal: Meditation

Continuing with different ways I’ve learned that help me on my path to healing and peace is meditation. Depending on what you look at, there are several benefits to meditating. 473 mots de plus

Mental Health