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Schiz: Meds: Zeprexa 💊

I am on day 2 of Zeprexa. I decided to give meds another try after 4 months of giving up on them. So far the only side affect is i get sleepier than usual. 54 mots de plus

Provincial funding supports men's mental health - My Comox Valley Now

Provincial funding supports men’s mental health My Comox Valley Now

VANCOUVER ISLAND, BC – The provincial government is providing a million dollars in support of programs that improve men’s mental health. 61 mots de plus

Mental Health

Remedies - Anxiety & Panic Attacks

In our previous blog, we have known some basic reasons behind the onset of an anxiety or a panic attack. We have also seen the difference between both, and how one can lead to the beginning of another. 614 mots de plus



I do everything wrong. I express myself wrongly. My feelings are always wrong. I love wrongly.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I’ll never have my feelings understood or have someone see it from my point of view. 93 mots de plus


Recovery isn’t easy. Il be honest about that. Ive been trying to recover from my mental health problems for over 10 years. Its not a straight line. 271 mots de plus