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Chip Gaines Recalls Ill-Fated Mexico Trip That Had Joanna Threatening, 'You Have Three Days to Get Back to Texas, or This Relationship Is Over'

Chip Gaines wasn’t kidding when he said his book would be all about the “smart things I learned doing stupid stuff.”

In a sneak peek of the third chapter, available to download on the couple’s… 649 mots de plus


Chip Gaines Says He and Jo Will 'Never' Break Up After Alleged Rumors of a Split

Chip Gaines has a message for anyone who think’s the Fixer Upper  dream team is going to split.

When a Twitter user posted a comment claiming she was « sick of these ‘stories’ claiming @joannagaines and @chippergaines breaking up, » Gaines responded to the tweet with a short and sweet reply: It « won’t ever happen. 393 mots de plus


Joanna Gaines Reveals She's Coming Out with a New Book: 'I Can't Wait to Share It With You'

Get ready, Fixer Upper fans — Joanna Gaines has a new design book on the way.

The 39-year-old reality star shared a photo Wednesday on Instagram, giving her fans their first glimpse at the new project. 311 mots de plus


Hell's Kitchen - Dining With the Family



There was a time when Hell’s Kitchen was just about the last area in North America you would take your family out to dinner.   329 mots de plus


Joanna Gaines Slams Rumors She's Leaving Fixer Upper to Start Beauty Line: 'This Is a Scam!' 

Fixer Upper fans, Joanna Gaines wants to assure you that she is not going anywhere.

For the second time in nearly three months, Gaines, 39, responded to the rumor that she’s leaving her hit HGTV show,  441 mots de plus