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Climate Change - Game of Thrones Connection, and More!


Speaking Out:

Hillary Clinton. Huffington Post

OO Hillary Clinton: Tackling Climate Change and Clean Energy Are Top Priorities – right next to helping families and small businesses succeed. 400 mots de plus

The voice of Joyce: Together we can overcome that" helpless feeling"

I’ve put off asking for money, hoping that a » white knight », will come to my rescue.  I forgot that God helps those who help themselves.    625 mots de plus


The voice of Joyce:  LOL/ speaking out on Corporate Tax Reform

According to the latest news, some folks are waking up to short term planning and they’re starting to talk sense and demand change. 

Laurence Fink the CEO  of BlackRock says, » we should stop Corporate Buybacks ».  478 mots de plus


The voice of Joyce : Kvetching but hopeful

I’ve never taken the time to study the TPP agreement.  I believe an inclusive trade deal with as many countries is desirable.  It’s not us against them, it’s us bringing the entire world together as one large marketplace.   480 mots de plus


The voice of Joyce: Transparency and values count

How did we lose every value we ever had?  On 4/25/15, I listened to NPR and there’s another Action group, I’ve never heard about,  shining a light on the Pharmaceutical industry.   607 mots de plus


Chicago uses new technology to solve this very old urban problem

For the past three years, Chicago police have been analyzing 911 calls to better predict crime patterns across the city and, in one case, actually forecasted a shootout minutes before it occurred. 600 mots de plus


Michael Bloomberg Keeps It Apolitical at Genesis Prize Event

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg has vowed to stay out of politics for a while—and he kept his word today after a Bloomberg Philanthropies event. For the most part, anyway. 743 mots de plus