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Michael Caine Funk Attack Soundtrack Mix

Michael Caine, Roy Budd, Trailers and Soundtracks. What’s not to like? This is an extract from a radio show podcast I did in August 2011. 577 mots de plus

Action & Adventure

Surrender (1987)

Main Features No 83

For Love or Money?

What happened Beyond the Poseidon Adventure.. this fantastic 1980s slapstick comedy reuniting three of this cast of the Irwin Allen disaster movie. 1 460 mots de plus

Film Review

8 For Aldrich: Too Late The Hero

A group of a dozen or so soldiers embark on a dangerous mission where they may not come back. Sound familiar? Too Late The Hero was intended as the spiritual follow up to The Dirty Dozen. 71 mots de plus

A quick over-eview of recent releases

I’m currently still away so still haven’t watched any new films, but to keep the ball rolling, I’m just going to give a real quick overview of my opinions of a few films I saw on the big screen in the last few months before I started writing again. 1 196 mots de plus


The Dark Knight Rises

We are living in a golden era of superhero cinema. For years, it seemed like Hollywood did not understand what made comics comics, and what made movies movies, and how one could inform the other. 970 mots de plus


Going in Style is a Stylish Riot

When Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin team up for a comedy, hold onto your britches, because you’re going to need a grownup diaper by the time this is over! 179 mots de plus

Entertainment For Grownups

The Dark Knight

At the end of Batman Begins, detective Jim Gordon tells Batman that somebody calling himself the Joker has begun to make waves on Gotham’s criminal scene. 976 mots de plus