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The Best and Worst of Christopher Nolan

by Jason F. Koenigsberg

Christopher Nolan is one of, if not the best director to emerge this century. His films exude a confidence that few other directors posses with a manner that he can make huge blockbuster movies with $100 million dollar plus budgets that are based on original ideas with the same confidence and ease that he guided one of the most famous superheroes through a gritty trilogy of films that redefined Hollywood blockbusters for the twenty-first century.  1 528 mots de plus


Dunkirk Review

WARNING: The following review contains spoilers, I’m telling you now so you don’t pretend to be outraged later.

When I discovered the latest project from director/writer Christopher Nolan titled… 543 mots de plus

Going in Style (2017) **REVIEW**

When you think about three old timers, three legendary actors starring in same film you’d think it would be a film about some old people being sassy and best friends. 293 mots de plus


Dunkirk (70mm IMAX) Review

It’s astounding that nearly 80 years on from when war was once again declared across the world, that cinema has continued to find real stories from World War II and bring them to vividly to life on-screen. 950 mots de plus


Going in style, a movie review

A movie review by: Lee Sonogan

(2017) 1h36min/Comedy, Crime

Joe: These banks practically destroyed this country. They crushed a lot of people’s dreams, and nothing ever happened to them. 432 mots de plus


The Man Who Would Be King [Movies I Want Everybody to See]

Review by Richard Kirkham

 [ This essay was originally Published on the deleted site « Fogs Movie Reviews » in the Fall of 2013]

All you film fans out there who were born after 1970 are about to eat your hearts out. 1 846 mots de plus

Review of "The Last Witch Hunter"

* * C

The Last Witch Hunter, which stars Vin « Riddick » Diesel as Kaulder in the eponymous role, was surprisingly good, considering my rock bottom expectations. 209 mots de plus