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Dressed to Kill (1980, Brian De Palma)

Dressed to Kill has oodles of style. It doesn’t have a lot else going for it–a lot of the acting, sure, but the acting never pays off for anyone–but it does have style. 834 mots de plus

The Curator of Schlock #203: The Island

The Curator of Schlock #203 by Jeff Shuster

The Island

Michael Caine versus David Warner: Need I say more?

Michael Caine. I know I should have something profound to say, but such profundity is escaping me. 556 mots de plus

The Curator Of Schlock

Movie Review: GOING IN STYLE

Warner Bros. Pictures

« What’s wrong with him? »
« He’s thinking. »
« It looks painful. »

Lifelong buddies Willie, Joe and Albert decide to buck retirement and step off the straight-and-narrow when their pension funds become a corporate casualty.

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Movie Reviews

3 Days Down and 1 To Go!!!

And it’s the penultimate day of the blogathon…

So with just one day to go – and a recap – here’s even more fabulous entries for the THEN films of 20 years and more away. 307 mots de plus


Kingsman: The Secret Service

For decades, spy movies have dwelt under the shadow of a particular franchise featuring a certain womanizing agent, high-tech gadgetry, megalomaniacal villains bent on world domination, thrilling set-piece adventures and fight scenes, and a kind of tongue-in-cheek British triumphalism that hearkened to the Empire’s better years, powered by a thoroughly modern sense of wish fulfillment. 966 mots de plus