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Kingsman: a gem of 2015

February tends to be known as a slow month cinematically, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when something bursts onto the screens and really resonates with audiences. 715 mots de plus



The latest movie of Paolo Sorrentino, released in May 2015, Youth, tells the story of a retired orchestra conductor, Fred Ballinger (Michael Caine), which is invited by Queen Elizabeth II to perform for Prince Philip’s birthday. 373 mots de plus

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A Natural D20? (The Last Witch Hunter review)

Have you ever even played Dungeons and Dragons? That’s what so many advocates have said to me so many times before I finally took the plunge a couple of Christmases ago. 942 mots de plus



‘You say emotions are overrated. Emotions are all we’ve got.’ Mick Boyle.

I visited the hotel Schatzalp in Davos yesterday. It is a truly magical place. 579 mots de plus


The Last Witch Hunter Review

So I watched The Last Witch Hunter…

A reader dropped an interesting comment on one of my posts a few weeks ago. They asked how I could call a movie disappointing when its trailer had made me expect a bad movie. 808 mots de plus

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The Dark Night

The Joker (Heath Ledger) strolls into town and turns everything into chaos. Batman (Christan Bale) has to defeat the Joker in order to restore the chaos that has been created by this new criminal. 160 mots de plus