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Coming Soon: My Watchlist for December 2015

Generally, I try to keep my monthly watchlist down to about five films; I still have trouble seeing them all due to time and/or money constraints (hooray for college). 1 434 mots de plus

Jennifer Lawrence

Craft and Curious: Vin Diesel's The Last Witch Hunter

Promoting his off-season fantasy Season of the Witch a few years back, a deadly earnest (or beautifully pranking) Nicolas Cage referred to his then-current acting style as “nouveau shamanic,” while professing his great love for the movie’s disreputable sub-genre. 927 mots de plus

Film Reviews

Now You See Me


Review: The four greatest world illusionists are known as « The Four Horsemen ». They pull off a series of heists against corrupt business leaders during their performances. 113 mots de plus


Michael Caine - has now been crowned Britain's Greatest Living Movie Star

His name is Michael Caine – and he’s just been labelled Britain’s Greatest Living Movie Star. 162 mots de plus

What's FUZZing???

The Dark Knight Rises

Three days ago, as I watched Batman Begins for the first time, an intriguing thought came to mind.
« This story has the potential to become an engaging tragedy », I mused as I watched Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine) drag a limping Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) across a burning mansion and into a secret entrance to the batcave. 56 mots de plus


Westminster Abbey and SSGB in Greenwich

Tomorrow I am at Westminster Abbey, one of my absolute favourite places in London. So often on a Monday morning I am heading for Greenwich (Iknow, it’s a tough life, but heyho, someone has to do it), another fabulous place to spend time just outside the centre of London. 329 mots de plus


How Does Michael Caine Fare When Tackling His Very Own Michael Caine Impression?

Stephen Colbert interviewed Jaws The Revenge star Michael Caine on Friday, and to hype up the meeting The Late Show put out this video of Michael Caine doing his best, nearly perfect, almost identical impression of one Michael Caine. 261 mots de plus