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My name is Michael Caine … actor changes name due to ISIS

My name is Michael Caine … actor changes name due to ISIS

Frustrated by increased airport security checks, actor Maurice Micklewhite has decided to replace his birth name with his showbiz moniker for good… 422 mots de plus


El actor Michael Caine adopta oficialmente su nombre artístico

El actor Michael Caine ha decidido adoptar oficialmente su nombre artístico, por lo que ahora su nombre legal es precisamente ese, Michael Caine.

El nombre de pila del veterano artista era Maurice Micklewhite, sin embargo desde hace varias décadas se hizo conocido como Caine, por lo que decidió acabar las confusiones que le ocasionaba tener dos nombres. 300 mots de plus


Doug Camilli: Amber Heard and Elon Musk: more than friends?

Elon Musk and Amber Heard have been hanging around together in Florida, the N.Y. Post says. There’s some « just good friends » stuff in the story, but … 522 mots de plus


The Man Who Would Be King (1975)

Two likeable rogues Michael Caine and Sean Connery hatch a scheme to conquer the untamed wilderness of Kafiristan using their military training to unite its warring tribes. 152 mots de plus


ISIS has forced Sir Michael Caine to change his name

Sir Michael Caine says he was forced to officially change his name because of ISIS.

OK, they didn’t hold him at gun point or threaten his family, but the actor claims that because of the additional security measures implemented at airports it meant travelling between countries had become a bit difficult. 252 mots de plus


Poorly Executed....Can give it a pass!!

The first half an hour of the movie confirmed it’s going to tank big time. NYSM2 basically rides on the same formula that the first part registered its success on, completely ignoring that with a sequel, the audience expects something new. 273 mots de plus


Now You See Me 2

(spoiler free)

I can’t say that I was a fan of the original ‘Now You See Me’ film. At the time of watching it I suppose I thought that it was ok but as the months and years past I really developed quite a strong dislike for the film. 642 mots de plus

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