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The Unraveling

With the Hughes Retirement Home looming nearby, Michael stared at the moths flying around the streetlight above him as he tried to comprehend what Simone just revealed to him. 1 995 mots de plus

Tale of Two Teams

Saturday November 17, 2018 the day Kemba Walker couldn’t miss.  Kemba walker who is now 6th in scoring in the NBA had a night to remember Saturday.  416 mots de plus

Pieces of God

“Whatever you do, don’t turn into Jesus…He’s a cool guy and all but please… Don’t…”

“You humans are small minded…”

This is just complicated to the very core of my being, I am trying to understand my spiritual relationships yet all is being melded together. 277 mots de plus

To be whole

Sunday is the Lords day

Yet I am dancing with the Devil

Something isn’t right with my soul

One week with, the other without

”Stop this foolishness, I need you both!” 116 mots de plus

Michael the Casanova: Part II

Twilight settled over Santa Carla, painting the cloudless skies shades of purple and pink. The street lights on the boardwalk and the municipal wharf began to light up one by one in preparation for the oncoming darkness. 2 670 mots de plus

Michael the Casanova: Part I

« What’s going on? » Michael asked as he followed his cousins, Chris and Nicole, into one of the bedrooms. The walls of this room were lined with colorful ceramic masks with ribbons on the sides along with some panoramic photos of natures. 747 mots de plus