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When Misquote the Constitution

Since the expiration of the term of Former President Michel Suleiman, and the Parliaments failure to elect a successor, the constitution stipulates that all ministers in the government must unanimously agree to a law in order for it to be considered as passed.

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Nasser Kandil: 60 minutes on Iran nuclear Deal and the days after plus related Videos



اتفاق الفجر

ستون دقيقة مع ناصر قنديل 13 7 2015

صلب الموضوع | الواقع الاليم في المنطقة | كوثر البشراوي & سمر الحاج ~ محمد دياب | الثبات  27 mots de plus


Christian Rights and Political Maneuvers

It has been two busy weeks for the Christian leaders. Two very busy weeks. In September, and in case things stay the same, the second most important Christian-allocated post, the Lebanese army command, becomes vacant. 1 704 mots de plus


Aoun: No Decision Will Be Made at Cabinet without Our Approval

Local Editor

Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Michel Aoun said on Thursday his party achieved what it wanted at the cabinet session which convened today, stressing that any decision will not be taken without the FPM approval. 375 mots de plus


Aoun-Geagea: Is It Truly a Declaration of Intent?

« A declaration of intent » (اعلان النوايا), they called it. Because you know, as the Lebanese say, « المهم النية ».

Surprise. For the first time since 2005… 558 mots de plus


The War for Shamel Roukoz

This is the 12th post in a series of monthly posts covering the presidential elections. This post is about the month of May 2015.

It has been a busy month in Lebanese politics. 1 478 mots de plus


Comments on Nasrallah Speech and Future Nusra Movement

هنا دمشق : د. امين حطيط ، د. اسامة دنورة ، د. مهند الضاهر | المنار 

نضال قبلان | أبعاد كلمة السيد حسن نصر الله

War On Syria