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The hammering gales have dropped back. (Click thumbnail for gallery) 67 mots de plus

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I gave in ...

… the marketing got me.  This is the freebie.

Bits went missing while the washing machine spun out or I counted stitches on the needle, attention wandering off in Rome and returning to Egypt or the Great Plains.   121 mots de plus

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Portlandite – basis for a very important building material


  • Named portlandite because it is a common product of hydration of portland cement
  • Formula: Ca(OH)2
  • Space group: P-3m1 (No. 164)
  • Crystal system: trigonal…
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Our Hair is our Story

Hair Mineral Analysis is often underestimated as a powerful source of information. It measures the levels of up to 60 essential minerals and toxic metals. With correct testing and interpretation, one can construct a comprehensive metabolic profile of the human body.  114 mots de plus

Macro Quartz Stone

Enjoy this close-up photograph of a stone layered with quartz. This image is available in my gallery at Fine Art America. Many different print types are available.



The week was miscellaneous.

The end of an era:

Not the end but near the end, and not looking very promising at the moment:

A beginning:   75 mots de plus

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Frozen treat

On one of the few snowy days so far this year, a sprightly sprig of pine tags formed an impromptu cup for a wintry confection.