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Keep On Keepin' On

It’s been getting slightly worse as the days keep going. Since we’re waiting until summer for the actual antibiotics, we’re trying some Chinese (or Japanese…not sure) herbs to try a gentler approach, as well as meds to attack the symptoms instead of the lyme to prevent a reaction. 214 mots de plus


Positive Princess Progress 🏇👑👸🏼👍🏼

So satisfying to have an improved performance this weekend at Solihull after such an atrocious last event at at Norton Disney. 🐴 🙈

Minnie was so much better, we think she may be hormonal/in season/feeling sensitive (typical female 😂) so I took my spurs off enabling a calm 35.5 dressage, left my spurs off for the jumping..

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Disney Minnie Mouse Red Bow Nightshirt Nightgown Pajama 7/8

Minnie’s signature bow, in red, white, and polka dots, creates this sweet print. The bows of this fashionably fun Minnie sleepwear
How do I get..

Telling Your Peeps

Hey, guys!

So it’s now been about 5 days since I got my diagnosis. I’ve done a lot of research & I haven’t stopped yet. My mum likes to chat, so I’ve already had emails and phone calls from family members praying for speedy recovery. 138 mots de plus


The Beginning of Our Journey

Woohoo first post! How fun! Okay, here we go. *socially awkward person tries to not be socially awkward*

So in case you don’t know yet, I’m Minnie. 402 mots de plus


Learn Numbers for toddlers with Mickey Mouse Birthday Train learn 1 to 5 plus learn colours

Today its Minnie’s birthday and toddlers can learn numbers 1 to 5 with Mickey mouse and minnie and have so much fun at the same time. 99 mots de plus

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