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The magical mouse duo - Mickey and Minnie's forbidden Love

Cartoonist by the name of Mr. Walt was an aspiring and hardworking artist. Born on December 5, 1901, at 2156 North Tripp Avenue in Chicago, one day he was coming back from a hard day at work and saw a rat running across his compartment. 416 mots de plus

The Legacy of Molly

Molly is now with us in spirit. As I wrote yesterday I feel her presence whenever I get in the car, where she and I spent countless hours. 452 mots de plus


Sabrina Jay, Minnie Manga – Teen Experimantation (2015/FullHD)

Disney Side

Disney decided to create a new campaign in order to attract more customers in their theme parks all over the world.

But how?

Well, Disney’s new campaign was placed in Long Island, New York in a local mall and aims to show people their « Disney Side ». 172 mots de plus

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