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A Minnie está em todas! Bags fofas da Coach em parceria com a Disney chegam ao Brasil + recente trajetória de sucesso da personagem no mundo fashion!

Este parece ser o ano escolhido para a consagração da Minnie no universo feminino de moda e beleza!  As recentes parcerias da Disney com marcas de peso como Sephora, Kiehl’s, Kate Spade e agora a Coach, vem somando cada vez mais adeptos ao « estilo disney », sendo a Minnie a grande propagadora do conceito. 680 mots de plus


Thinking of Disney...

How I wish I was at Disney right now! Not long until I’m back there at Christmas!

Photo © Penny Shorricks, 2016


2017 Calendar Reveal

I can’t believe it’s already time for me to order my farm calendar for next year.  Here’s the images.

The pictures will be cropped slightly differently because the calendar is 8 x 11.  71 mots de plus


Minnie Throws Shade At Juicy By Wearing “Got Wings” Shirt [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Minnie came through to the studio to talk with Rickey Smiley & Juicy about Little Women of Atlanta. But before any words were even spoken, Minnie’s shirt said it all. 199 mots de plus


Day 45


Today we had our service celebration where we graduated from our Cultural Exchange Program. We had a great day, starting with a character breakfast at the Garden Grill in Epcot before heading over to Chatham. 62 mots de plus


Out in Pasture

This afternoon when I went out to pasture, and I was really excited!

I think it’s the first time Chocolate has actually gone out to pasture. 61 mots de plus


Septemberish 2015

Blogged while snuggling with Minnie.

We had some good times last September!

Jason was SO proud of this super-long straw he created.

Sadly, my Grandpa Pires passed away July of 2015. 74 mots de plus

Real Life