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A Toddler's Halloween and Crochet Minnie Mouse Costume

This year for Halloween I wanted to go simple, so we decided to attend our library’s Halloween festival. It was a very small operation where they provided some kid games and activities i.e. 391 mots de plus


Disneyland Paris| The Park

Here comes one of my first Disneyland posts that will make you want to visit the park for the first time or even go back! 146 mots de plus




Fisher Price ©Disney Minnie Mouse Beach Bow-Tique

It’sbeach time for Minnie!Includes: Minnie Mouse, 2 bathing suits, sunglasses, bow, flip flops, & lunch basket–Easy snap on clothing to change Minnie–Ages 3+–Imported–

List Price: …

Why Juicy’s Whole Attitude Changes On Wednesday [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Juicy‘s career is beginning to take off. As the Queen of Atlanta, with a starring role on “Little Women: Atlanta,she frequently has to let people know about themselves when they try it. 210 mots de plus

Rickey Smiley Morning Show

Christmas 2015

Blogged while (still) watching the Real Housewives of NYC.

Hmm, I don’t have any photos from Thanksgiving 2015, so I’ll speed past that holiday, right on to Christmas. 320 mots de plus

Real Life