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Another Treat

This time, my mom brought the last of the pumpkins she had on her front porch.  Since there were just a few, we gave them to the smaller groups of goats.  87 mots de plus


🎀 For Disney Fans 🎀

Who else loves disney phone cases?? 🎀

SOON in our store!


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I can’t wait to share with you my yummy makes!  These are of the no calorie sort 😉

I hope you enjoy seeing the fun creations I post and hopefully are inspired or learn something new, I love craftherapy and think it’s quite the value! 22 mots de plus

A Treet

My wonderful nephew and his wife brought a Christmas treet for the goats.  I put it in the yard first.

They all enjoyed it.

Although, Vanilla did make me laugh the most. 84 mots de plus



Blogged in between tummy rubs for Miss Minnie.

There’s a new cousin in town…everyone, meet Remy! He’s a rat terrier, and the first doggie for Dane and Stephanie. 205 mots de plus

Real Life