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Wave Chapelle "W" Mixtape Review - 4/5 "Growth"


             Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin Chapelle drops a new mixtape named « W ». The concept behind the project is that Wave won’t accept anything less than a win for the home team. 295 mots de plus


Kofee Atah: Two E's One T

Words and interview by Isaac Javier

No-Abbott favourite Kofee Atah returns with Two E’s One T, his first project this year in what seems to be a promising one for the Columbus native. 676 mots de plus

Hip Hop

Rome Jeterr Releases Artwork For His New Mixtape

He’s been selling out venues in his hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. Now Rome Jeterr has  released his new mixtape « Young Carolina. »  #PutRomeOn… 19 mots de plus

Say It With Music

Between living room dance parties and composing tunes from scratch, music is a really important part of our life together. For this rainy Monday afternoon here in Memphis, we made a little mix of good vibe tunes that helped us through our move. 37 mots de plus

Good Vibes

Disco Metaphysics: 80's Disco Retro Future

This is a late post, since the mix in question appeared a good two months ago. It’s the continuation of the Disco Metaphysics mix series, which now focuses on musical themes instead of philosophers. 61 mots de plus

Disco Metaphysics

UK meets US 

Whippin. A song I have to introduce to you.

Only a couple of days ago, Chris Brown and OHG dropped their collaborative mixtape Before The Trap: Nights in Tarzana. 150 mots de plus


I've Added Paul Simon And Band of Horses To The 2016 Radio Mixtape

I’m always adding songs to my 2016 Radio Playlist. Here are the 10 most recent additions. Hear them all in the player below.

« Wristbands » by Paul Simon… 94 mots de plus

2016 Releases