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Best Deals - Save 83% On 5-Mode Zoomable Flashlight with 1600LM LED Bulb

Just $6.97! Prepare yourself for a super bright flashlight in a very compact design. With 1600 lumens maximum brightness and aluminum alloy body, this well-reviewed, solid and rugged light is ready for anything. 8 mots de plus

Dress for Success

Hi everyone! Two posts in one day, wow!

Anyways, I’m super into putting outfits together from items that I wish I had in hopes of someday buying them so I hope you don’t mind me sharing them with you. 70 mots de plus


STELLA JEAN- L'art du design contemporain

Stella Jean, l’une des stylistes les plus contemporaines a su créer sa propre identité vestimentaire par son adhésion à diverses cultures et par sa façon de révolutionner le port du pagne à travers les tissus et les matériaux africains. 311 mots de plus


Ruby red

What I am wearing: Topshop Jamie trousers, Dorothy Perkins (2nd hand) pull/shirt, Bijou Brigitte earrings, Daniel Wellington watch, Colibris glasses, 2nd hand belt


Is it normal for me to be sleeping all day long? 397 mots de plus


10 Trend Aneh (Unik) Yang Sempat Booming Di Asia

Heyyya. . . :”)

Pernahkah kalian ribut sama pacar karena memaksa dia memburu, membeli, dan kemudian memakai gelang ini bersama kamu? 1 477 mots de plus


LG focuses on wide angle shots with the dual-camera module of the G6

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

LG focuses on wide angle shots with the dual-camera module of the G6

LG has announced another new feature of its upcoming smartphone, the G6.  119 mots de plus