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How To Boot Windows 10 In Safe Mode

Safe Mode in Windows 10

When you enter Safe Mode in Windows 10, the operating system loads a minimal user interface, with only the essential services and drivers needed for it to function. 1 520 mots de plus


Babacar Sadikh Ngom, Styliste: Comment Un Comptable Est Tombé Amoureux De La Mode ?

Par Salimata Thiaré

Babacar Ngom, 28 ans est comptable de profession. Né à Diourbel et grandi à Dakar, son amour pour la mode l’a conduit à fonder sa propre maison de couture. 1 093 mots de plus


Five modes of responding in general or in therapeutic intervention [Based on research of decades ]

In general, to influence people there are five modes of responding, i.e., evaluation, interpretation, support, probing, and understanding. Out of which, the first two modes are not used in initial stages as only supporting, probing, and understanding responses would accomplish the desired goal, why because, evaluative and interpretative responses give rise to anger or feelings of hostility. 410 mots de plus

Counselling Psychology

Fresh Lilac | Lilas frais

Not that I’m on a roll to cover every colour of the rainbow but I got a special request from a special follower who is crazy about the colour lilac right now. 129 mots de plus


Miley Cyrus- une collaboration avec Converse

Miley Cyrus et Converse collaborent à nouveau, cette fois -ci avec la collection « Pride » qui rend hommage à la cause LGBTQ.

Le mois de juin s’annonce chaque année comme le point… 131 mots de plus


Summer Yellow Fever | Fièvre jaune d'été

There are not many colours that scream more happiness and summer than yellow. Combine it with white and turn it into stripes and you get the most summer combo ever. 90 mots de plus


The unbearable mood !

To everyone in that unbearable mood.

sometimes we just feel that everything is unbearable. talking to people become an extremely heavy thing to do. chatting become a lie because you are typing those fake emotions that do not define you at all. 775 mots de plus