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Harmonix's New Game Can Make Some Terrible Music


I was recently telling a friend about Dropmix, a new card/music/mobile game from Hasbro and Harmonix that I’d been messing around with that weekend. 831 mots de plus


The 10 Funniest Dwarf Fortress Bugs


The absurd dwarf simulation game Dwarf Fortress is a marvel when everything works as intended. It’s just as fun when it breaks. 841 mots de plus


Chalexa Handbag

Hello everyone I would like to introduce the latest handbag collection in this month. This collection is different from the collections I made before, if any of you are interested in one of my collections, you can write to me here… 6 mots de plus


10 Staples Every Thirty-Something-Year-Old-Something Needs in Her Closet

Hi, ladies! When we hit our thirties, there are just some pieces of clothing we cannot pull-off, anymore like we did when we were younger. Some would think, « Sadly ». 834 mots de plus


Measures Of Central Tendency Assignment Homework Help

Central Tendency is a central or typical value for a probability distribution. It may also be called a center or location of the distribution. A… 97 mots de plus