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Metropolitan bodies in late nineteenth-century England

Individual identity “can be lost or at least troubled within the structures, institutions and symptoms of modernity. It is in this anxiety that Stevenson’s Strange Case would seem to address, the fragility of identity within the nineteenth century experience of modernity.” (Richard J. 709 mots de plus


Upcoming Events: Celebrating the life and work of Agnes Heller, Melbourne and Sydney, November 2019

19 – 29 of November, 2019

Late last year Thesis Eleven had the good fortune of spending a week with Agnes Heller at events hosted by… 470 mots de plus


Embracing New Things

By Sem. James Denn Bacuado Portal

This contemporary epoch has viewed our world as ‘fast-paced’ because of an easy access to certain things and a modern approach in providing human consumption. 665 mots de plus


The great city in _Jekyll and Hyde_

“Round the corner from the by-street, there was a square of ancient, handsome houses, now for the most part decayed from their high estate and let in flats and chambers to all sorts and conditions of men; map-engravers, architects, shady lawyers and the agents of obscure enterprises. 373 mots de plus


Eating stories: Stevenson's _Jekyll and Hyde_

A while back, I wrote about my difficulty reading Stevenson’s
Jekyll and Hyde because it is difficult to suspend ideas about duality
from 21st-century popular culture. 473 mots de plus


The Twilight of the Idols

(Photo by Giulio Origlia/Getty Images)

As I return from my break from blogging, the Catholic news world has been alight with the recent actions of Pope Francis and his « Amazonian rite » held in the Vatican gardens. 2 501 mots de plus