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French-bashing, French style

In a much-discussed article published last year in Le Monde (13 December 2013), French historian Mona Ozouf argued in favour of honouring the memory of three figures of the French resistance movement by transferring their remains to the Paris Panthéon, explaining that the story of ‘the resistants’ fight against the Nazi occupier is the last great tale of heroism in French history capable of uniting […], in a feeling of shared national pride, all the French people, … 707 mots de plus

Voltaire In The 21st Century

Plus de livres #1

     Au vu du rythme parfois effréné de mes lectures (qui ne correspond que très moyennement à mon rythme d’écriture), je pense qu’il est judicieux de consacrer un article aux livres que j’ai lus dernièrement mais que je ne chroniquerai pas. 1 335 mots de plus