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i would blame it on the hormones
but i guess that’s just so typical
and these days has been not ordinary
for my anger, hunger, and inpatience… 60 mots de plus



see them come and go
thru that broken door
some won’t make it
others won’t see the other end

funny how you think you have time… 17 mots de plus


Monologue Monday: Hate Male by Daniel Guyton

Fair warning, this monologue is not for the faint of heart. Nor should it be for high schoolers. 

This is a very, very angry monologue by… 542 mots de plus

Monologue Monday


i wonder how people
find love so fast
as fast as they turn around
a heart beat away from the one

or maybe souls just click… 19 mots de plus


Pale Horse

I heard the day death came for your empty bowl of cereal. He appeared in the throes of ominous music and milk hastily slurped, milk spilling sloppily over the edges as it dribbled down your chin. 222 mots de plus


Check Out David Harbour’s SNL Monologue!

David Harbour, Hopper on Stranger Things, recently hosted Saturday Night Live. After an obligatory reference to other stuff he’s known for, naturally they bust out a… 29 mots de plus

Chillingly Funny


take care of yourself
you gotta do you right
be kind to your mind
this makes your soul aligned

you only have you till your end… 15 mots de plus