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Cycling Safely in the city

An opinion piece on how to ride your bike safely in an urban environment, based on my experience as a bike messenger and commuter. Part of a monthly cycling column for The Concordian. 9 mots de plus


Succesful Winter Cycling

An opinion piece on how to dress for winter cycling, as well as how to prep your bicycle for harsh conditions. Part of a monthly column on Cycling for The Concordian. 13 mots de plus


Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal Race Report

Coverage of the 2017 Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal which was published on The Concordians website.


Race Report The Concordian


Coffee Review: 94 Celcius Pérou Jaén

This snowy monday morning is brought to you by 94 Celcius‘ Peruvian espresso beans! In all honesty, we’ve been sipping espressos made with this bag of beans for a week, and its divine! 325 mots de plus


Date Is Set- Don't Miss Out Ottawa!

Pinhole photography is one of the most basic forms of photography. It’s powerful, it’s magical and you will be amazed on the amount of creativity that can be made with a non-mechanical tool. 56 mots de plus


a neat gift idea

Early in 2015, back in Montreal, my friend Desiree invited me to work on a new project with her. She was launching a brand of leather bags and goodies, and she asked me to work with her on a design for a knitted pouch. 876 mots de plus



En route to Montreal, Quebec to temporarily escape the fires of Fort Wayne–I was psyched to be in a different narrative…even if only for a week. 354 mots de plus