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Ready to P O P!

Ready to *P O P*!
We’ve made it to our due date!

To everyone who has been supportive throughout this pregnancy, thank you so much for everything. 261 mots de plus


Local Dog Shelter Wants to Rescue Pitbulls in Canada

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A local dog shelter wants to go to Montreal and rescue pitbulls that are scheduled to be euthanized on Monday.

Stray Rescue is recruiting foster volunteers, and if they get enough, will drive an RV to Toronto and get as many pitbulls as they can. 67 mots de plus



« By your side i’m most quiet and most unquiet, most inhibited and most free. »

– Franz Kafka

Photo taken with the Fuji X10. 9 mots de plus



« The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.  You trade in your reality for a role.  You trade in your sense for an act.   67 mots de plus


Burning a book for its cover

On Tuesday the 27th of September, the City of Montreal in Quebec, Canada grabbed their floatie, jumped into the tumultuous pool of desperation and decided to ban specific breeds of dogs.  1 572 mots de plus

Quilting Autumn

The days are cooling down, it is hard to tell though because one day it is hot and the next it’s cool, then it’s hot and believe it or not it actually rained.  334 mots de plus


Firefighters battle blaze in Lachine

Montreal firefighters battled a major fire in a two-storey residential building in Lachine borough at the supper hour on Friday.

Two people were reported injured with burns to their hands. 62 mots de plus

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