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AUDIO | "On My Way" @ChazDeFranco

Another installment from his #songsunday series from this past week, Chaz DeFranco hit’s us with his « I’m going to make it » track. Produced by  37 mots de plus


Montreal Canadiens sign restricted-free-agent Alex Galchenyuk to two-year deal

MONTREAL — The Montreal Canadiens have agreed to terms on a two-year deal with forward Alex Galchenyuk.

Galchenyuk will count US$2.8 million against the salary cap each of the next two seasons, according to multiple reports. 199 mots de plus


ATHE, Je Suis Ici!

I’m typing this from a bed in a hostel room in a completely different COUNTRY from my last entry. How crazy is that?

Montreal is beautiful, historic, dizzying, crazy, awesome, sexy, weird, hot, classy, and so much more. 269 mots de plus

4. Lacnihe Canal locks in action!

Montreal is full of unique and interesting places. One of them is the Lachine Canal. 280 mots de plus

Kylie Kardashian Knows Where The Fun Is

Kylie Jenner KarTrashian, the human child underneath all those pounds of makeup, filters, and collagen, is turning 18 on August 10th and is coming to Montreal to get her ass drunk, because the legal drinking age here in Québec is 18, and 16 to legally fuck in Canada. 35 mots de plus

Osheaga and RTX Part 1: The Calm Before the Storm

I’ll keep this short as I still have to finish packing, but I’m about to embark on probably one of the craziest vacations I’ve ever been on. 256 mots de plus


Travel roundup

This is what caught my eye in the world of travel recently. Voici ce qui a retenu mon attention dans le monde du voyage récemment. 70 mots de plus