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Letter: Montreal carriage horses do just fine

Re: « Carriage rides not so charming for the horses » (Opinion, May 20)

Jessica Scott-Reid, observing carriage horses from a terrasse, suggests they are hard done by. 89 mots de plus


Montréal, Canada

Canada has always been high on my list of countries and places to visit. This past weekend, I finally was able to visit the beautiful city of Montréal, Quebec, where I ordered my first real plate of Poutine. 199 mots de plus


Prince delivers a flawless performance at the Bell Centre

With little advance warning, a purple storm rolled through Montreal on Saturday.

After announcing the concert only a few days beforehand, Prince delivered a greatest hits set at the Bell Centre as part of his HITnRUN pop-up tour. 647 mots de plus


Ducati Davidson

The day was nice, aside from the wind.  If the wind had not been present, it would have been a warm, sunny day.  However, with the wind, it became quite cool at times. 93 mots de plus


City manager charged with Applebaum pleads guilty

A city manager charged with corruption along with former Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum pleaded guilty to fraud against the government and accepting bribes on Friday in Quebec Court. 477 mots de plus

Local News

Olympic Stadium Shoot

For the past couple of weeks the weather has been so beautiful and warm! and leave it to me to choose a colder windy day to finally get to do a photo shoot! 47 mots de plus


Montreal allows stores to stay open 24/7

MONTREAL – Visitors to Montreal will be able to shop around the clock thanks to a new designation that will allow stores to stay open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 467 mots de plus