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La Belle et la Boeuf

La Belle et la Boeuf has a spirited ambience with a twist of industrial vibes. I absolutely love their style and quirky accessories that add just the right touch of eccentricity. 73 mots de plus


In the rain

What kid—or kit—wouldn’t like to play in the rain? After months of trying, Your Shot photographer Vladislav Kamenski caught this little fox frolicking in a park in Montreal, Canada, early one rainy morning. 51 mots de plus



Today marks the one year anniversary of the day I left New Zealand, although you could say that it was yesterday, given the time difference. I’ve been dreading this day for months now. 523 mots de plus


The city of Montreal (originally known as Ville-Marie) is busy preparing for its 375th birthday which will be celebrated in 2017. That explains most of the noisy construction activities and traffic gridlock in all neighbourhoods – over $2M being spent to spruce up the place. 785 mots de plus


'Tequila' by The Champs is the Santa Lucia Song Of The day !

It’s Saturday!

‘Tequila’ by The Champs is the perfect song for tonight’s dinner party!

Everybody eat, drink and be merry!


"ba bai, gampa"

I remember the hallways of my grandparents’ place. My earliest memories of the place are the early 90s. Gam-ma was how we referred to my grandmother, even in Cantonese. 2 272 mots de plus

Pompette: Cocktail of the Week!

This week’s cocktail! ‘Voeux De Silence’

Gin Plymouth, Chartreuse, Sirop d’Hibiscus, Lime, Bitters Chocolat.

Our new cocktail menu begins with a delightful concoction!

First, while the glass is chilling, Simon mixes and shakes everything to perfection. 47 mots de plus