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Anti-Islam Protesters Rip Qur'an At Ontario School Board Meeting

Certainly qualifies as Islamophobia under any definition. Image the outrage if the Torah or Bible was ripped apart:

Anti-Islam protesters ripped a Qur’an and walked over its torn pages during an Ontario school board meeting Wednesday evening, as they demanded that Muslim students be banned from praying at school.

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Montreal Audio Fest: Day One

It was like that scene out of Life of Brian. The one where Brian – our protagonist – opens the curtains in the morning, and is greeted by something wholly unexpected. 591 mots de plus

Show Report

Friday: Special Essay ... Growing Up

The week is over. The Friday meeting was sparse. But I did see the people I really needed to see, and have conversations. While there is massive snow on the ground in Up State New York, and here in Quebec, my friends who have skiing and snowboarding passions, they are all out on the slopes this weekend, enjoying, what might be the last snow of the season. 1 342 mots de plus

New Beginnings

Project of the week: YUL Condominiums

Perched on the corner of René-Lévesque and Lucien-L’Allier in downtown Montreal, the YUL Condominiums project promises to be a towering icon on the outside, and contemporary chic on the inside. 709 mots de plus


Friday: Sacred, is the Room I find in Myself

There are but two sins … The Lesser, is to get in the way of our own spiritual path. The Greater, is to get in the way of someone else’s spiritual path. 517 mots de plus

New Beginnings

Bienvenue à Montréal

Paige spent last week home on spring break, so we planned a quick trip to Montreal. If you live in Buffalo (or anywhere else in Upstate New York), Montreal is perfect for a long weekend getaway. 817 mots de plus


Food & Lifestyle Photography with Gabriela Tulian

Gabriela originally trained to be a chef. She never considered photography. Cooking was her main passion. « I come from a family of business people and art was not common in my house when I was a child, » she explained. 801 mots de plus