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Canadian MLB Expansion Or: Should The Jays Play At Least 1 Series In Vancouver + Montreal Per Year?

I must be out of my mind right?

Having the Toronto Blue Jays play in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver  allduring a regular season – and re-brand the club to a national team in the MLB?  1 154 mots de plus

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How much of the public's money was stolen, and will the Charbonneau report help to recover it?

Anyone who was riveted by the Charbonneau commission’s televised public hearings will remember the image of Nicolo Milioto stuffing wads of rolled up cash in his sock at the back of the Montreal Mafia hangout Café Consenza. 965 mots de plus

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Virtual Reality & Machine Intelligence


Virtual reality & machine intelligence shown at the recent Montreal high technology trade show put on by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

This video depicts  39 mots de plus


Make that list: tips on holiday shopping for the reluctant and the keen

The Christmas shopping season begins in earnest this weekend, now that Canadian retailers have realized the only way to avoid losing a big chunk of their holiday sales to American stores and online merchants is by offering big « Black Friday » and « Cyber Monday » discounts themselves. 887 mots de plus

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