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De la discrimination à Montréal

Travailler dans le tourisme à Montréal

Passionnée du tourisme je ne vais pas m’en cacher. Par compte je suis obligée d’être honnête avec vous. Ce n’est pas évident d’obtenir un poste dans le tourisme à Montréal. 253 mots de plus

Doa Vibes

Misoya [Ponyta]

September 5th, 2017

Hello again, people!
How are we all doing, on this particular day? I trust it’s coming along well! If it’s not, well, my dears, I’m sending you some positive vibes! 684 mots de plus


Toronto Bicycle Plans

Our flights are booked for Toronto at the end of June and the maps have arrived!

The plan is to cycle from Toronto along Lake Ontario, and into Quebec as far as Montreal. 105 mots de plus


Member of the Week: Claire Poitras

Claire Poitras

Professor of Urban Studies and Scientific Director of the Villes Régions Monde Network

INRS-Urbanisation Culture Société

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Describe your current research. What about it drew your interest?  509 mots de plus

Member Of The Week

Je me souviens

The road from Ottawa to Montréal is long, straight, and flat. Although we travelled on the south side of the river to avoid the motorway in favour of a more ‘scenic’ route, it turned out that scenery was in short supply: the day was grey and the world was cold and dull. 826 mots de plus


Montreal Planning

My best friend’s birthday is early May so we made plans to head to Montreal for the weekend. Even though I’ve been numerous times, I thought this time I could plan it like a real tourist and experience it as a « new person ». 303 mots de plus

Huliganov's "All the time in the world"

Original playout date: 11 November 2007
Duration: 5:54

Introduced song – the Bond Song from the film « On her Majesty’s Secret Service », sung by Huliganov. 201 mots de plus

Viktor Huliganov