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Tanking Canadian Dollar Impacts NHL More Than You Know

(Photo via business.financialpost.com)

Professional sports and the economy go hand­-in-­hand, but the falling Canadian dollar will affect the NHL more than we realize.

Without money, players cannot get paid. 435 mots de plus


ELEPHANT STONE - " Into the Great Wide Open " Tom Petty Cover


Hey! Do you like psych pop? Do you like Tom Petty? Well, you are in luck, because one of the best psychedelic bands around, … 50 mots de plus


MAYBELLEEN ! Today's Sixties in Montreal...

Who/home: two brothers, Peter and Charles Camiré, out of Montreal, Canada and
– very important for their muse – raised by a pop rock & psychedelic musician, now producer… 137 mots de plus

Shout Out

Larrys: a potential new favourite

A quick report on a quick, late-night visit to Larrys, the restaurant/wine bar that just opened in the small space on Fairmount East formerly occupied by Café Sardine and Bouchonné, among other predecessors. 416 mots de plus


Out On The Water

While in Kingston, we decided to take a boat tour of the Thousand Islands area in the immediate vicinity of Kingston.

The tour lasted a few hours and we were able to go quite a distance up the river.   67 mots de plus


The Flight to Japan hr562

After I checked out the hotel in Laval, I was waiting for the Uber in front of it. Snow of the day before brought a bitter chill that made me shiver while I enjoyed a breathtaking view of a clear sky in the early morning. 519 mots de plus


Friday ...Everybody Struggles

Courtesy: Flickr James Clear

It has been a full week of things to do, people to see, meetings to hit, and once again, lessons learned along the way. 1 028 mots de plus

New Beginnings