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Laura, Jaya, and Ally's HW

This might just be my favorite question to answer, but I am going to me honest with you I don’t remember much, but I will try my best. 289 mots de plus

Child of Light Microreview

Child of Light Microreview – 18/20

Aurora, beloved daughter of a widowed Duke, contracts a mysterious ailment the night of his wedding and for all intents and purposes is dead, mysteriously awakening in a strange land instead; Lemuria. 114 mots de plus


John Wick: Chapter 2

Grade: A-

« Yeah. »

Is there a better actor than Keanu Reeves? Is there a worse actor? No, and also no. Keanu Reeves must be the most talented actor in any action movie to be able to deliver John Wick’s lines with a straight face; however, he also needs like two seconds before he delivers any line in order to… I don’t know… Ready himself?

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CASTING CALL - in / cognitō

Seeking: one MALE performer for a multidisciplinary collective creation piece on mental health and silent struggle. All ethnicities are encouraged to apply. Experience in physical theatre/movement work is an asset. 828 mots de plus

Mental Health

Lumières, caméra et Montréal en action

Le Festival Montréal en Lumières frappe à notre porte. Avec les deux mois de pelletage, de froid et de frustration hivernale, voici un festival qui nous remettra dans l’esprit de la joie et de la bonne humeur et qui va rétablir notre place en tant que la meilleure ville des grands festivals au monde. 358 mots de plus