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May 24, 2016 - [Tuesday] Black & White: Montreal from Mount Royal

Montreal, Canada, taken on May 16, 2016

The climb to the top of Mount Royal, after which the city of Montreal was named, was a sweaty one, but worthy for the city views! 76 mots de plus


Sam I Am's Interview with Vocalist Magazine

Sam I Am Montolla had the pleasure to be interviewed by Jared Hillel from Vocalist Magazine…A little insider of Sam I Am into the music entertainment world!


Crudessence: The essence of rawness

After having watched Cowspiracy, a documentary about the carbon footprint of a meat-heavy diet, we decided to eliminate as many animal products from our lifestyle as possible. 795 mots de plus


Incident, 2010, oil on canvas, 37 x 47in

It’s just some BC road on a misty day, but when you tilt it a little bit and paint it like that, it looks like you are heading straight for the ditch. 81 mots de plus


THRU 7 Years! Every Experience creates Opportunity!

Today, I am celebrating the 7th birthday of my dream and adventure THRU! Recently someone asked me which question I have been asked most about my business. 311 mots de plus

Gera Landmeter