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Mr. Zoot Suit

Speaking of people watching, let me introduce to you Mr. Zoot Suit. In late November of last year I found this rather somber, yet classy old chum in the metro carrying a trolley of baggage, hunched over, riding up an escalator: 82 mots de plus


First Spring Flowers!

Spring has been around for a while now or at least we have been told so.

With the wacky weather that has given us 12 degrees temperature differences from one day to the next, snow, then rain and then more snow, it was somewhat hard to believe that spring was actually here. 80 mots de plus


Man arrested after ex, two others stabbed in eastern Montreal

Montreal police are investigating an armed assault that happened around 10 a.m. Saturday in Rivière-des-Prairies.

According to initial information available, a man attacked his former partner and two others with a knife outside a residents on André-Michaux St. 48 mots de plus

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