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Pearling around Tahiti

by J « Kat » Loren : :

We met in a Pearl Grading class at the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, CA. He, a young, blond, quintessential California surfer with a single giant green pearl slung on a leather band around his neck and I, the aging beach bum with a penchant for South Pacific Pearls. 1 589 mots de plus

Crazi Culture

Polynesian Dance

While in Moorea we spent an evening watching a Polynesia dance group. The next night we went to the Hilton of another performance to discover it was the same group with double the numbers. 61 mots de plus


Our 2nd to last island – Moorea, it is 10 miles from Tahiti. We went horse riding which was pretty cool as we rode in the volcano and through pineapple, bananas, pawpaw and a lot of other fruit. 6 mots de plus


Honeymoon Travel Diary Moorea

So our first stop in our French Polynesian Honeymoon was in Moorea.

We had a lot of fun in Moorea.

  1. Kayaking for the first time…
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10 mile hike

We are in Moorea, about 15 miles from Tahiti. We are anchored in Cook s Bay. On Friday night we went to a local hotel for an evening of Polynesian dance. 174 mots de plus

French Polynesia Dreams - Moorea and Bora Bora

08/29/15 – Yuck. I hate « travel days ». I guess back in the day travel may have been fun. And road trips can certainly be fun. 9 642 mots de plus