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Travel Hack Your Way To Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a dream destination for many and for good reason. Staying in an over-water bungalow is a bucket-list must for both the avid and novice traveller. 527 mots de plus

Bora Bora

Moorea ~ French Polynesia

The proper pronunciation is Mo-or-ray-ah. The only thing I knew about the island previously was it was a popular honeymoon destination. The island is full of greenery and reminded me of what Hawaii must have looked like fifty years ago. 1 923 mots de plus

7 dreamy days in Bora Bora

Bora Bora is incredible—there’s no two ways about it! We spent what felt like a ridiculous amount of time researching the island and preparing our itinerary for our trip to this dream island. 344 mots de plus

Bora Bora

Ukulele in French Polynesia フランス領ポリネシアでウクレレ

I started to relearn the ukulele last year after finding a teacher who would come to our community cafe once a month to hold a class. 134 mots de plus

French Polynesia 2: Moorea and Tahiti

In addition to Bora Bora, My island hopping in French Polynesia also included a road trip around Tahiti (including Papeete) and the neighbouring island of  1 688 mots de plus

The Americas

Port 8 Mo'orea — Looping around the island

Our journey around the island of Mo’orea continued late into the afternoon.  One photo stop included a charming little church in Ha’apiti on the southwestern shore.  95 mots de plus


I'm on a boat

On the Moorea Cata Jet tour, we drove a mini speedboat around the island, with a couple of stops to check out stingrays, reef sharks, and a secluded private beach.