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Sting Ray Helmet Dive: Moorea, Tahiti

Tahiti is a beautiful place. Sean and I were so shocked to see the vibrant & drastic blues of the water. What shocked us even more than the crystal clear water, was how abundant the sea life was. 427 mots de plus

J+196bis à 217 : Tahiti et ses îles (Polynésie Française)

Plus de 6 mois après avoir quitté la France, découvert dans de nombreux asiatiques, traversé la côte Est de l’Australie en campervan, et roulé à travers les splendides paysages de la Nouvelle-Zélande, nous voici revenu sur un territoire français, la Polynésie, et plus précisément, Tahiti. 502 mots de plus

Pendant Le Voyage

Semplicemente... Moorea (parte 2)

Dopo quasi un anno di silenzio, con tanta nostalgia, eccoci tornati a riprendere il nostro post sulla stupenda isola di Moorea. Avevamo lasciato i nostri sposini con la pancia piena dopo la prima abbondante colazione all’hotel. 619 mots de plus



Mo’orea is a South Pacific island, part of French Polynesia’s Society Islands archipelago. It’s known for its jagged volcanic mountains and sandy beaches. In the north, Mount Rotui overlooks picturesque Ōpūnohu Bay and the settlements around Cook’s Bay. 84 mots de plus


Pearling around Tahiti

by J « Kat » Loren : :

We met in a Pearl Grading class at the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, CA. He, a young, blond, quintessential California surfer with a single giant green pearl slung on a leather band around his neck and I, the aging beach bum with a penchant for South Pacific Pearls. 1 589 mots de plus

Crazi Culture

Polynesian Dance

While in Moorea we spent an evening watching a Polynesia dance group. The next night we went to the Hilton of another performance to discover it was the same group with double the numbers. 61 mots de plus


Our 2nd to last island – Moorea, it is 10 miles from Tahiti. We went horse riding which was pretty cool as we rode in the volcano and through pineapple, bananas, pawpaw and a lot of other fruit. 6 mots de plus