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Random thoughts...

Awaiting to be lifted from our own despair

We have forgotten to acknowledge

That happiness is giving more,

Not looking elsewhere.

We have abandoned ourselves, 67 mots de plus


View from Magic Mountain

We decided to try one of the ATV Moorea tours and are so glad we did! The tour was absolutely fantastic: we got to drive on both paved roads and in the mud all around the island, swing from banyan trees, see amazing vistas, and eat delicious ice cream. 42 mots de plus


Circled by sharks

The Moorea Miti Tour was fantastic. For the first half of the tour, the boat brought us to a shallow sand bar to swim with black tip reef sharks and stingrays.  8 mots de plus


Faati Moorea 2015

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News & Features

Walking underwater in Moorea

On the Aquablue Helmet Dive excursion in Moorea, you breathe fresh air that’s piped into a large metal helmet that rests on your shoulders. You walk along the bottom of the lagoon for about 30 minutes with your guide. 11 mots de plus


ATV Moorea- a must do!

Hands down, one of the highlights of our time in Moorea was our 3.5 hour ATV tour. Not only was it an adrenaline rush to speed around the island, we also got to see spectacular vistas and eat delicious fruit from the plantation we were riding through. 146 mots de plus


Underwater fun with Aquablue Helmet Dive in Moorea

The Aquablue Helmet Dive excursion in Moorea is a 30 minute helmet dive that lets you encounter fish, sting rays and other marine life from under the water. 211 mots de plus