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Learning in Moorea

Last week as a crew we visited Moorea’s Biological Research Centre, funded by Berkley University, California, where students and biologists conduct many different types of biological research. 528 mots de plus

"Moorea, Moorea, I just met an island called Moorea!"

John often strums his ukulele and serenades the shores of Opunohu Bay to the Westside Story theme song. Three days has turned into two weeks. Some say this island’s welcoming vibe is reminiscent of Hawaii 150 years ago, primitive and comfortable at the same time. 952 mots de plus

Semplicemente... Moorea (parte 1)

L’odissea inizia in aeroporto: era una giornata buia e tempestosa… le migliori storie horror iniziano sempre cosi’, giusto?
Forse il termine horror e’ un po’ esagerato, ma che sia stato un viaggio « un po’ problematico » nessuno lo mette in dubbio. 885 mots de plus


Fabulous French Polynesia Part 2 - Magical Moorea

After spending  a couple of days in Tahiti with one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen, it was hard to believe the best was yet to come. 1 045 mots de plus

Tahiti: Paradise Found.

Despite the excitement of flying on to the unknown wonders of Easter Island, our next destination on the round the world adventure, we were a little sad to be leaving the paradise of Tahiti – and paradise it really was! 880 mots de plus


Once in a Blue Moon

So that really was the icing on the cake for this summer. My bucket list is almost empty now; it’s been one hell of a journey! 390 mots de plus