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French Polynesia: the most beautiful country in the world..?

People playing the ukulele as you walk by in the street…
Women wearing colourful sarongs and flowers in their hair…
Locals calling out »bonjour » as you pass… 1 229 mots de plus

French Polynesia

Our video tour of the fantastic Sofitel in Moorea

Here’s our video tour of the Sofitel Ia Ora Resort in Moorea. It’s as a great place to spend a week with a lot to do. 61 mots de plus

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6 reasons you need to visit French Polynesia

6 reasons you NEED to visit French Polynesia

Reason 1 –  THE PEOPLE

The locals here have genuine smiles and are truly warm and welcoming.  Although the official language is French, we found that most people could converse in English (or at least enough to get by with us visitors) and didn’t seem to mind that we couldn’t speak a word of French. 260 mots de plus

French Polynesia

Highlights of our travels in French Polynesia (Tahiti, Bora Bora and Mo'orea Islands)

Highlights of our travels in the French Polynesian Islands of Tahiti, Bora Bora and Mo’orea

Traveling around the French Polynesia Islands is truly an amazing experience.   276 mots de plus


Amazing snorkeling at the Sofitel in Moorea

There were so many amazing fish at the Sofitel. There’s a beautiful barrier reef surrounding the beach, a great beach, and large variety of fish in the coral reef under the overwater bungalows. 54 mots de plus


Bora Bora vs Moorea

Bora Bora vs Moorea

These two islands really shouldn’t be compared as they both have a different feel about them and different things to offer, however they both fall into the « tropical island that dreams are made of » category so its really hard not to compare them.   626 mots de plus