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French Polynesia is where to find Paradise!

If you are looking for paradise, the French Polynesian islands is where to find it. They are located in the South Pacific Ocean miles away from anywhere! 808 mots de plus


Mana and Marae in beautiful Moorea.

With it’s inviting turquoise lagoon, ideal weather, and rugged mountain tops that kiss the cerulean skies, Moorea is one of the most beautiful and popular islands to visit in French Polynesia. 341 mots de plus


Tips and tricks for visiting the French Polynesia

After spending three weeks in this natural paradise I have created a list of tips and tricks for visiting FP. I hope you will enjoy them and that they help you to save a few bucks! 504 mots de plus

Maldives Or Bora Bora: Where Should You Go?

After getting engaged in Bora Bora, arguably one of the most beautiful islands on earth, my husband and I had set the bar pretty high for where we should travel to on our honeymoon. 639 mots de plus


Cruise Review: Paul Gauguin

Kongo went on an 11-night Paul Gauguin all-inclusive cruise to the Cook & Society Islands from October 7-18.  This is a review of that cruise.  If you’re considering a cruise in French Polynesia I hope you read on. 2 540 mots de plus


More Moorea Please!

After a two-day sail from the Cook Islands, the Paul Gauguin arrived in Opunohu Bay at the ruggedly beautiful island of Moorea in French Polynesia.  The iconic peak, Bali Hai, dominates the mountainous landscape of the island’s interior and inviting, crystal clear waters in the lagoon provide splendid swimming and snorkeling opportunities. 630 mots de plus