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French Polynesia

Ia Orana,
To get in the right mood, feel free to listen to this song while reading =)

In case you are wondering where French Polynesia (Polynesia literally means ‚many islands‘) is, here we go: 846 mots de plus


Houston, Texas.

When Fritz and I were friends, we had a conversation one night about Bora Bora. I don’t remember how long we had known eachother by that point – part of me thinks it was the night I came to his house and asked him  to backpack India with me. 464 mots de plus

Baguette boxes

We have a post box here at the chalet rather than the traditional English letterbox in the front door. Our postbox is attached to the outside fence of the garden and when the postman comes reversing down the lane to our chalet he stops, opens his window, lifts up the lid of the postbox through the open van window and puts in the letters. 347 mots de plus


86 - En Grève!!!

March 1

…or is it february 28? I leave Auckland on the afternoon of March 1st and arrive to Papeete on the evening of February 28th. 1 615 mots de plus


Heaven on Earth- Honeymoon in French Polynesia

Tahiti/Moorea/Tahaa/Raiatea/Bora Bora


  • When: 22 March – 9 April, 2018
  • Where: Papeete (Tahiti): 3 nights upon arrival AirBnb, last night before the flight…
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North America

Honeymoon Week!

(26 weeks married…6 months!)

Hi everyone! We’re back from our honeymoon! And we must say…we’re bummed that it’s over and it’s back to the normal grind (well… maybe just Cindy is bummed…Jake tends to enjoy vacations and the normal grind equally) 1 107 mots de plus

Maximizing moments in Moorea: Sightseeing and swimming with stingrays

June 2016

No one wants to rush Mark.

There’s something fabulous about watching someone have an absolutely fantastic time. Right now, he’s the friend who dances unabashedly, eyes closed, when no one else is on the dance floor. 1 016 mots de plus

By Jessie