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Crypto-currencies Drop Again; Bitcoin Dives Even Deeper (LINK)

Holders of Bitcoin held their noses yet again Tuesday as the price of the digital currency dove another 14%, pushing its declines to more than 30% in the past seven trading days and driving it to a 13-month low. 164 mots de plus

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5 Unusual Things To Pickle (LINK)

« When it comes to pickling we usually think of the classic options, such as cucumbers and peppers. But there is a whole world of pickling available, covering foods most people wouldn’t ever consider – did you ever think of pickling watermelon, apples, corn, or even pork? 107 mots de plus

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The Disturbing Thing Indonesian Kids Are Now Doing To Get High (GROSS WARNING LINK)

« There’s a disturbing new trend among Indonesian teenagers.  The kids are boiling sanitary pads in water and then drinking the resulting liquid in an effort to get high. 407 mots de plus

Moral Reads

"It Will Be A Cold War": APEC Summit Ends In Unprecedented Chaos After Dramatic US-China Showdown (VIDEOS)

Thanks to DAHBOO777 for the vids:


Gearing Up for A Battle- US and Australia to Build Pacific Base to Stop China’s Influence

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