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Mosaic: Writing to Live and The Book of Tiny Prayers

These days, the making of a modern essayist follows a similar path:

Person, unconventionally whip-smart with opinions, grows up in an environment where their silence is more valued. 669 mots de plus

Thoughts And Musings

Boy Scout Lap Quilt

A while back I made an Eagle Scout Quilt, and I had a fair amount of the Riley Blake Modern Scouting fabric leftover. I wanted to try something different, something a little more chaotic and less predictable. 85 mots de plus


Sea Glass Mosaics

A few weeks ago I went on a mosaic course at The Amble Pin Cushion (you can read all about it here).

I realised I had a load of material that I could use for mosaic work. 483 mots de plus

The Mosaic life of Sedgefield.

The Heart of the Garden Route.

From the N2, Sedgefield’s initial impression is of a small roadside town which imparts the impression of a single traffic light, an avenue of plain trees and a fence of horses. 873 mots de plus

South Africa

Star: a mosaic knitting stitch pattern

Generally, when I’m making mosaic knitting charts from an encoded word, it works best with shorter words. So I’m not making a single mosaic chart for… 731 mots de plus


I'm used to isolating on my own!

Since January, whilst Steve has been working, I have been on my own with the dog every day for at least 12 hours, apart from his weekend off, so isolating now is no different for me. 375 mots de plus

Daily Life


The starless starkness of the night

is my only glimmering hope

to render the mind a mosaic,

abstract and fragmented,

through which ideas so beaming and bright… 16 mots de plus