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Drive, He Said (1971)

Criterion’s BBS set was appealing to me primarily because it included Easy Rider, The Last Picture Show, Five Easy Pieces, and–especially–Head… 733 mots de plus


Bob le flambeur [Bob the Gambler] (1956)

My Criterion want list had this and a few other Melville films on it, only to see them go out of print, to my disappointment. I discovered that, instead, Kino Lorber had picked up the rights. 1 152 mots de plus


Enola Holmes: The Adventure We Need Right Now (Plus Her Dashing Brother)

I watched Enola Holmes last night with my sister. It’s a fun, light-hearted adventure that is exactly what we need right now.


As is Henry Cavill in a period suit. 312 mots de plus


Al Cooke: The Social Pest

Today some overdue sunlight on silent comedian Al Cooke (Albert Gallatin Cooke, 1880-1935).

Cooke was a moneyed Los Angeles local who’d been educated in Switzerland and had been a rancher and society nob before taking it into his head to be in pictures. 345 mots de plus

Hollywood (History)

Diva (2020) ☆☆1/2(2.5/4): A diver on the brink of madness

South Korean film “Diva” is a little psychological thriller packed with conflicting emotions between two different young female athletes. Although sometimes feeling a bit too conventional and predictable as reminiscent of many other similar genre films ranging from “Repulsion” (1965) to “Black Swan” (2010), the movie is mostly competent on the whole, and I appreciated several good elements including its strong lead performance even while often distracted by a number of weak elements in the film. 870 mots de plus


Music Movie Mania on the LeBrain Train

An epic six-member panel!  Mega mega movie lists!  Another great show in the books.

Music movies were the focus of the Nigel Tufnel Top Ten tonight, and we brought you so many that your head will spin.  93 mots de plus


The Last Days of Disco (1998)

Well, after watching and finding Metropolitan so charming, I decided I’d hit up the next movie in Criterion’s Whit Stillman box set. Going by the order they’re packed and listed, I managed to pick the chronologically last released one instead. 911 mots de plus