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NDP complain over private school's 'elitist' tradition at Queen's Park

TORONTO – Ontario’s New Democrats want to end what they call an « elitist » tradition at Queen’s Park that allows Upper Canada College to use the legislative chamber for its model parliament. 125 mots de plus


NDP appoints MPP Jagmeet Singh as deputy leader

TORONTO — The Ontario NDP has appointed MPP Jagmeet Singh as its new deputy leader.

It’s the first time in more than a decade Ontario’s NDP Caucus has had a deputy leader. 124 mots de plus


[For Sale – CS00136] 3,159 DWT/118 TEU Geared MPP

Built: 1976
Flag: St. Vincent
GT/NT: 2250/1043
DWT 3159MT
DWCC: 2800MT
LOA: 81.39m
LPP: 74.04m
Breadth: 13.40m
Draft(l): 5.93m
Main engine: Deutz – 8m 435 AK… 74 mots de plus


The NOSQL Landscape

There are a lot of products today marketing themselves as NOSQL. However the more one digs deeply into the supported features of each, the more startling are the differences. 1 094 mots de plus

Columnar Storage

Long Study Tour: Poznan Day 6

On our second day in Poznan we went to a Gynecologic Hospital.

I’ve noticed that health care workers in Denmark, Germany and Poznan (and I’m assuming the rest of Europe) wear all white scrubs and usually white shoes as well. 166 mots de plus


Long Study Tour: Poznan Day 5

Poznan is the 4th largest city in Poland and has one of the most beautiful central squares I have ever seen. On my first day in Poznan we took a trolly to a Pediatric hospital.   253 mots de plus


Long Study Tour: Berlin Day 4

On our final day in Berlin we met with a member of the GMA, German Medical Association.  In Germany the physicians are self regulated meaning that a chamber of physicians make the decisions for all physicians in Germany rather than the government regulating them. 105 mots de plus