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Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) Open Enrollment

The Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) is a new attempt from Microsoft to provide a training and educational platform to help fill the ever growing skill gap in the technology industry. 1 271 mots de plus



I have been back in Doha for two weeks now. This summer was fun, hectic, and overwhelming. I had so much to do that every post I began was incomplete and I did not post because the event or time had passed. 1 268 mots de plus

What is a School of Government for?

The new Lavatnik School of Government at Oxford University now offers an intensive one-year masters degree in public policy (MPP) intended to equip students for a career in public service. 495 mots de plus


First Encounter with Massively Parallel Processing - AWS Redshift

Recently, I started working with large Ad tracking data sets (billions and billions of records in each table). We want to perform analytics randomly over that data and we need all the columns across which analytics could be performed. 710 mots de plus

Software Development



  • MPP是大规模(Massive) 并行(Parallel) 处理(Processing) 计算架构
  • 常把运行SQL并行数据库的MPP简称为MPP.


  • SMP : 对称多处理, 多个CPU核 访问共享的内存,处理时延低,总吞吐量小
  • NUMA: 非一致性内存访问,多路CPU访问共享的内存,但CPU访问非本地内存时的时延与访问本地的不同.处理时延增加,吞吐量加大
  • MPP: 多个计算单元有各自的OS,内存,应用相互之间通过网络互连.协调计算.处理时延高,吞吐量很大.


  • 多个SQL数据库节点协同工作形成数据仓库系统
  • 运行在MPP系统上
  • 执行数据操作(比如查询),查询可以分散到多个SQL数据库节点上.汇总后返回给用户
  • 通常并行数据库与硬件一体化提供,软件闭源,硬件也不开放.
  • 常见的公司有Teradata, Pivtal Greenplum, HP Vertica, Netezza等
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Former PC leader Tim Hudak quitting provincial politics for real estate group job

TORONTO – Politicians of all stripes praised Tim Hudak on Tuesday after the former Progressive Conservative leader announced he’s quitting the legislature to become CEO of the Ontario Real Estate Association. 592 mots de plus


From SQL to NoSQL to NewSQL

History of RDBMS

Every time new technology emerged it’s evolution ended up in realisation as relational system (RDBMS). In other words, the business before adopting the stuff always demanded  221 mots de plus