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Let’s start with the basics. Becoming a mom in social media means entering a whole new world of terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. Below is a list of common terms I’ve come across in the mom and pumping world. 152 mots de plus

S3E05 MPP MicroFiler - Supplement


This episode features MicroFiler, originally released in 1983 by MPP.  It was written by Jim Harrison.  MicroFiler was somewhat unique in that it was offered on cartridge, and allowed the database to be stored on cassette. 506 mots de plus


Monthly Practical Project #1

Your Owner has decided to add dietitian to your list of responsibilities. Your assignment for this project is to prepare a meal plan for a one-week period. 186 mots de plus

Images of MV ‘Industrial Skipper’ upstream the Hudson River, New York

Images of MV ‘Industrial Skipper’ upstream the Hudson River, New York
Multi-Purpose (MPP) / Heavylift Vessel 12,500 DWT, built 2016

VESSEL IDENTIFICATION: Launch Name was Industrial Skipper. 676 mots de plus

Port Of New York

Political Prostitution (PP) Founder Is Joyce Banda: Exposing How They Moved From One Party To The Other

Some opposition PP members, more especially here on electronic media, have the audacity to call dozens of politicians that joined DPP as political spent forces.That is only a way of showing how painful they have felt being dumped by key players in their camp.Peoples Party can better be called Political Prostitutes (PP) as they have been you all the ring leaders of spent forcing in PP. 147 mots de plus


I LOVE Hair!

If you LOVE hair like I do, then you need to head over to MPP (My Pretty Pixels) as there are FOUR new hairstyles for you!   30 mots de plus