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#MCM No.3 Young Fathers (Vijana Baba)

Considering how much I have been obsessed with this band I have been stuck on how to write about them. 231 mots de plus


AAR: From the Marines to an MBA/MPP at Stanford and Harvard

After coming to the conclusion that I wanted to transition off of active duty and go to graduate school, I did some preliminary research on resources for veterans’ transition and stumbled onto Service to School’s page. 381 mots de plus


Morgan Fox, Communications Manager for Marijuana Policy Project

Today’s leafhead salute goes out to Morgan Fox, Communications Manager at the Marijuana Policy Project. Mr. Fox handles the media needs for MPP’s reform efforts of Marijuana Policy at the state and federal levels. 680 mots de plus


Maya Angelou...

Below is a link to a BBC Archives documentary on Maya Angelou That I found and watched to gain a deeper understanding as to the motives and drive behind her work. 10 mots de plus

The Life and Times of Maya Angelou

As another possible approach, we also briefly discussed using some of Maya Angelou’s poems and writings in our work, as well as possibly using events in her life to create scenes. 34 mots de plus

Narrowing Down An Idea

Being in a group has its pros and cons. There are five of us to come up with ideas and materials, but therein lies a hindrance as we have to somehow fit everyone’s input into one piece that is coherent and makes sense to not just us or our tutor when we explain it, but also to a first time audience. 287 mots de plus

Tampon Tax

I tend to write a whole slew of posts in a few days, and then don’t write again for a week or two, so there might be a whole bunch in the next couple of days. 744 mots de plus

Democratic Action