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Former PC leader Tim Hudak quitting provincial politics for real estate group job

TORONTO – Politicians of all stripes praised Tim Hudak on Tuesday after the former Progressive Conservative leader announced he’s quitting the legislature to become CEO of the Ontario Real Estate Association. 592 mots de plus


From SQL to NoSQL to NewSQL

History of RDBMS

Every time new technology emerged it’s evolution ended up in realisation as relational system (RDBMS). In other words, the business before adopting the stuff always demanded  221 mots de plus

Her Canna Life Q&A: Bethany Moore, National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)

Bethany Moore, Communications and Projects Manager, National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)

I swear by the combination of traditional Western medicine with the complement of the natural healing properties of cannabis.

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Her Canna Q&A

Azure PDW is generally available

Microsoft released Azure SQL Data Warehouse accompanying  with a bouquet of impressive distinct capabilities that can be found in the press-release.

An item attracted my attention was the next: 245 mots de plus

Big Data

This is When My Job is Done

I think we as photographers enter into the industry for our own reasons.

I entered in when I was a young teenager.

I had no knowledge, no training, skill…just a camera (that had to be plugged into a wall) and a mission on my heart. 163 mots de plus

Madeline Paige Photos

Big Data ad-hoc querying with Power BI?

It has been a long time since Coudera introduced Impala as an alternative to slow MapReduce-based Hive. And has positioned new product as ad-hoc querying supporting tool (I recall Mr Isotov expressed interest in this – now I can state that only benchmark can give an answer). 380 mots de plus

Big Data


Click the video below for the full Cider in Grocery Stores Press Conference with OCCA Chair Tom Wilson, Premier Kathleen Wynne, MPP Charles Sousa and Sobey’s Ontario General Manager Trevor Bartlett.