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Introducing the Virtual Streaming Network Operator (VSNO) concept before it's actually here

Streaming is booming in both the music and the movie industry. The big players Amazon, Apple and Google are battling it out with Netflix and… 463 mots de plus


The Smiths' Mike Joyce Drops Out of Controversial 'Classically Smiths' Shows

Hot new music news!

Former Smiths drummer Mike Joyce has dropped out of a series of orchestral concerts after the production company falsely listed his bandmate, Andy Rourke, as a participant. 32 mots de plus

Frank Macari

Throwback song of the day 1973

September 20, 1973 ended it all. Another musician, another plane crash. Another case of just what might have been.

On Thursday, September 20, 1973, during Croce’s Life and Times tour and the day before his ABC single « … 274 mots de plus


a little heads up

After a lot of faffing around, I’ve decided on running two blogs concurrently. This one will be primarily about my experiences with « culture », ie Film (movies) under the heading Popcorn; Music under the category Earwax; visual art under the category Art and everything else under the category Stuff. 354 mots de plus


The Doomster's Monolithic Pocket Alphabet: Prolegomenon & Look Inside


The year of our Lord 1970. Coldest February in ages. Friday the 13th. Under the pouring rain and rumbling thunder, an ominous knell. “Black Sabbath” is unleashed upon this mortal earth and the spacetime continuum is shifted beyond repair. 212 mots de plus