"Helena" by My Chemical Romance (2005)

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Summer vacation led to « Helena » 458 mots de plus

“Afterlife” by Avenged Sevenfold (2007)

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SINGLE RELEASE: Baby You're A Haunted House - Gerard Way

Ex-My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way, is back for the first time since 2016 with his latest spooky release: Baby You’re A Haunted House.

Appropriately released just in time for the Halloween season, the track is about our inner ghosts and how it feels being in love while dealing with our own demons. 193 mots de plus


Gerard Way Shares Spooktacular Love Song "Baby You're A Haunted House"

After teasing fans with a snippet of the track, ex-My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has revealed his new song « Baby You’re A Haunted House ». 203 mots de plus


Halloween is just around the corner and new music by Gerard Way our biggest treat this year. « Baby You’re A Haunted House » is a cheerful song with a catchy melody, happy gloomy lyrics, and the video features dancing skeletons in suits! 121 mots de plus

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The Soundboard Stereo - October 2018

In keeping with yearly tradition, October has been as hectic as it gets, with huge release after huge release dropping in quick succession, particularly at the beginning of the month. 1 711 mots de plus

Luke Nuttall

Calum P Cameron Annotates Dumb Stuff on the Internet: My Immortal Edition II

Calum P Cameron Annotates Dumb Stuff on the Internet recently accepted the challenge of applying itself to My Immortal (the fanfic by Tara Gilesbie, not the song by… that band whose name is about disappearing). 1 860 mots de plus

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