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shit got real ... 1986

Bit of a painful re-read … but it is what it is, and I’m still fucking here ;)

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Thanks Coach!

Bill Snyder continues to be a class act.  It is Big XII Media Days in Dallas.  He choose not to make any introductory statements (as did the others I saw) and sent straight to the questions.  914 mots de plus

My Story

Before I turn this around.

If you have read my previous blogs, you know that I’ve had a rough couple of years recently. And a lot of it was because of the mistakes I made. 547 mots de plus

My Story

who thought high school was a good idea ay? ... 1985

They must have been an absolute twat…to lump a whole lot of pubescent teens together to decide what career pathway they should take for the rest of their life! 655 mots de plus



If you’ve had a conversation with me or have kept up with this blog you will know that there are few things in my life that I regret. 312 mots de plus

I am woman...Megan Sigamoney, a scientist

“Science is a gift from God, He gave it to us so we can know more about him” – Dr. Joe Francis

Growing up, science had intrigued me and I’ve always had a fascination with plants. 868 mots de plus


“I felt so good and refreshed after getting baptized!”




Hello fiends!

What did you do on the Beach Day last Monday? 268 mots de plus