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The Brothers 3- Chapter 3 (Part 1): Ruined Stories

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Chapter 3- (Part 1)

A small hand, held high above the heads of the children sitting on cold wooden floor of a reputable inn, caught the eye of the man telling the story. 1 260 mots de plus


The Brothers 3 - Chapter 2 (Part 5): Out of the Rain, Into the Stew.

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Jorgrith walked down the pathway to the open road, which still contained traces of the previous nights storm. 2 027 mots de plus


The Brothers 3: Chapter 1: Wet Hair and Dirt Roads

I’d recently been talking about a project I had been working on called Mirror Mythe. Mythe being the name of my fantasy world.
Because of a dream I had, in which my brother and I were traveling in my world, I decided to recreate us in this world.
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Les trois lectures du mythe

Selon Roland Barthes, nous pouvons faire trois lectures d’un mythe selon nos référents culturels et notre connaissance du sujet. Le mythe est en fait un système sémiologique qui est porteur d’un message. 828 mots de plus

Let's just note I'm getting worse

Shiloh Bodeur
Currently in a relationship with the half orc Cameron.
Is a mail runner for most of lyragon.

Boden Daralene and Asaph Wyrd
Just two towns guardsmen who work in Rhodiatron. 23 mots de plus


Friends and ladyfriend

Because people in my life need to be in there as well I’ve drawn my friends, and my lady friend.

Brendon and Kaleb

She punches people and things. 9 mots de plus