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Who's a Naughty Girl Then?

This polish, that’s who, Different Dimension’s holographic Naughty.  Or should I say « Differen Dimensio »? That’s how my bottle is labelled, owing to what looks like a printing error.   98 mots de plus


Express colorful nails

Kiko Milano (or Kiko Cosmetics as they call it here) was one of my favorite cosmetic brands when I lived in Europe. About 2 years ago, I discovered that they came to the States! 85 mots de plus


IZ Beauty Of London | Nail Art & Swatches

IZ Beauty Of London are a new brand which specialize in nail polishes, nail art and makeup (specifically reviewing nail bits today though). They have everything you could need for nail art, including the trending Chrome Powders for really great prices. 300 mots de plus


New Release: Orly — La La Land (Spring 2017)

Collection: Orly 2017 Spring, La La Land

Orly’s Spring 2017 collection, La La Land, appears to be hitchhiking on the coattails of the hit movie of the same name; I don’t think the film is affiliated with this collection. 133 mots de plus


Winter nailpolish faves

Hey Everyone!

When it comes to nail polish, I don’t wear it too often, BUT I do really love it. I don’t own that many, but I do have a few I keep coming back to whenever I do feel like wearing a nice color on my nails. 260 mots de plus


Beauty meets Tasty

Life is about , well, a lot of things.

Accepting everything life

brings your way

And building on it.

And it begins...

Tonight, I got to leave the house at 7:30pm. M is doing books and bedtime with the kids. It has been a while. I wanted to go to Value Village to shop. 369 mots de plus