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Disney Fairies Collab

I recently hosted this collab! And it’s Disney themed, again!!! :D 60 mots de plus


Special Promotions & Coupons

Avon has some great promotions going on right now!  Get the gifts you need before the holidays!  Check out the list below!


Free shipping… 104 mots de plus


Periwinkle from "Disney Fairies" Inspired Mani

Periwinkle is a frost fairy, and the twin sister of the famous Disney fairy, Tinker Bell. 46 mots de plus


Blogmas: Nailed It!

Welcome to Day 6 of Blogmas! Trying something a little different and share a few nail designs. For me, with little spare time, nail designing is quick and usually done before I sleep, but it can be nice to spend a little more time to create a different look for any occasion. 238 mots de plus

Nails Inc Nails

Nail Polish: Nails Inc, Shade: Lexington Street.

This nail polish was from Glamour magazine, December 2016 issue, my partner thought I needed a pick me up at that time, a little treat, a welcome distraction. 298 mots de plus

Fall Nail Polish I Love

I love this time of year to bring out some of my nail polish favorites. I love spring and summer colors but there is just something about the fall and winter shades I love even more! 287 mots de plus

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