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The Son's Room (2001)

“A sense of common danger”

‘The Son’s Room’, directed by Nanni Moretti in 2001, is an Italian tragic comedy. Moretti plays  Giovanni, a therapist in Ancona who spends his days listening to the problems of other people and his home life dealing with minor issues with his teenage son. 219 mots de plus


Golden Dreams (1981)

Golden Dreams (1981) | Nanni Moretti | Itali

Menonton filem ini mengingatkan saya pada watak seorang pengarah tempatan yang asyik mengomel di media sosial miliknya. Bitter old man, bak kata orang putih. 357 mots de plus


Dance Break #4

with Nanni Moretti’s Aprile -movie scene:

© Nanni Moretti / ? (1998)

Le parole sono importanti

Evidentemente aveva ragione il mio amico Luigi Sfredda quando mi chiedeva: ma stiamo parlando di un reddito di cittadinanza o di un reddito di inclusione… 1 337 mots de plus


Moving pictures, #65

In this post, a new nation joins the roster of countries from which I’ve now seen films: Burkina Faso. I really need to get more of those Great African Films DVDs, as I do like films from African countries – as much for the variety as for what they reveal of life in the various nations on the continent. 1 746 mots de plus