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MY MOTHER ("Mia Madre," 2015, Italy / France / Germany)

MIA MADRE || 2015, Italy / France / Germany || Drama || Directed by – Nanni Moretti / Written by – Nanni Moretti, Valia Santella, Gaia Manzini, Chiara Valerio, Francesco Piccolo / Produced by – Rémi Burah, Jean Labadie, Nanni Moretti, Domenico Procacci, Olivier Pére / Cinematography by – Arnaldo Catinari / Editing by – Clelio Benevento / Production design by – Paola Bizzarri / Starring – Margerita Buy, John Turturro, Nanni Moretti / Running time: 106 mins. 523 mots de plus



The actor must be next to the character,” says the director in Nanni Moretti’s Mia Madre. She’s directing a prestige picture in Italian about factory workers who go on strike. 139 mots de plus

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Mia Madre (Nanni Moretti, 2015)

Mia Madre, Nanni Moretti’s latest film, tells the story of Marguerita (Marguerita Buy), a filmmaker in the middle of making a political drama about a factory strike. 631 mots de plus

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Though Uneven, 'Mia Madre' is a Cinematic Labor of Love

Reviewed by Selma Thompson

A heartfelt film, Nanni Moretti’s Mia Madre is alternately tender, funny, cinematically bold– and exasperating. Director Moretti has co-written a script about an Italian film director whose elderly mother (the gifted actress, Giulia Lazzarini) is slowly dying; she is a beloved retired teacher, like Moretti’s own late mother. 1 124 mots de plus


MIA MADRE (2015) review

written by: Nanni Moretti, Valia Santella and Francesco Piccolo
produced by: Nanni Moretti and Domenico Procacci
directed by: Nanni Moretti
rated: R (for language)
runtime: 107 min. 1 532 mots de plus


Reflecting on his life and work in 1975, critic and filmmaker François Truffaut wrote: “Today, I demand that a film express either the joy of making cinema… 551 mots de plus


Italian Classics and Italian Audiences - Perfect Strangers

Five minutes before Perfetti Sconosciuti  was due to start, I looked it up on Wikipedia. I’d seen the trailer, but couldn’t work out whether this was a comedy, a drama, or something else entirely. 1 082 mots de plus

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