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Sonnet 1

So here’s my first real attempt for a sonnet.

So is your beam like sunlight to my day

Which glimmers in the gloom of starless nights; 113 mots de plus


Interview: Douglas Ewen & Natalia | Pardon My Fancy (Indiegogo)


‘Pardon My Fancy’ explores the inner workings of two individuals. One with a violent past and the other plagued with her own mental interruptions. As the two struggle to find common ground, they must act accordingly as ‘The Warden’ is watching them trying to determine the future of the human race. 31 mots de plus

Film Releases

A Beauteous Morn

One midsummer, the sky did burst

Lights in colors and rays of gold;

Life has sprouted from Athena’s crown!

A soul so gentle, a beauteous morn. 128 mots de plus


A Sonnet, Maybe

My love, if not for you,

This day would have been waste;

My hold to sanity,

Lost in skeltered haste:

For you alone can hush… 46 mots de plus


Farewell to Chaos

I saw chaos flying with delight

As he bid me goodbye

Before the dawn.

Too long,

We had walked together.

It was time

For him… 53 mots de plus


Seconds to Hours

Between the noise

And the emptiness

That take my life into spins,

Our friendship

Remains to anchor me

To my sanity.

Memories of the first time… 98 mots de plus


Thieves of Peace

Thieves of peace do not wait for the dark to trespass your space. They come running in the daylight with torches to burn your walls down. 108 mots de plus